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Lecigne, S. (2021a). A new species of Sintula (Linyphiidae), redescription of Brigittea innocens (Dictynidae) and eight spider species newly recorded for Turkey (Araneae). Arachnologische Mitteilungen 62: 11-34. doi:10.30963/aramit6204 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Aulonia kratochvili Lycosidae 32, f. 28 (m) Aulonia kratochvili
Berinda cooki Gnaphosidae 17, f. 18a-b (m) Berinda cooki
Berinda ensigera Gnaphosidae 31, f. 29 (m) Berinda ensigera
Brigittea innocens Dictynidae 13, f. 4a-i, 5a-h, 6a-e (mf) Brigittea innocens
Canariphantes nanus Linyphiidae 17, f. 30a-c (f) Canariphantes nanus
Crustulina scabripes Theridiidae 33, f. 31 (m) Crustulina scabripes
Cyclosa algerica Araneidae 18, f. 10a-d (mf) Cyclosa algerica
Dactylopisthes digiticeps Linyphiidae 32, f. 32a-b (m) Dactylopisthes digiticeps
Dysdera longimandibularis Dysderidae 18, f. 11a-g (m) Dysdera longimandibularis
Ero flammeola Mimetidae 32, f. 33 (f) Ero flammeola
Evarcha jucunda Salticidae 19, f. 12 (f) Evarcha jucunda
Habrocestum latifasciatum Salticidae 33, f. 34a-d (mf) Habrocestum latifasciatum
Harpactea sturanyi Dysderidae 31, f. 35a-c (m) Harpactea sturanyi
Helafricanus edentulus Salticidae 33, f. 36a-c (m) Heliophanus edentulus
Heriaeus setiger Thomisidae 19, f. 13a-c (f) Heriaeus setiger
Hogna effera Lycosidae 20, f. 14a-c (f) Hogna effera
Improphantes turok Linyphiidae 20, f. 15a-g (mf) Improphantes turok
Lepthyphantes magnesiae Linyphiidae 20, f. 16a-d (f) Lepthyphantes magnesiae
Mermessus denticulatus Linyphiidae 21, f. 17 (m) Mermessus denticulatus
Mimetus laevigatus Mimetidae 32, f. 39a-b (m) Mimetus laevigatus
Neottiura herbigrada Theridiidae 34, f. 40a-b (m) Neottiura herbigrada
Nomisia orientalis Gnaphosidae 21, f. 18 (f) Nomisia orientalis
Oecobius navus Oecobiidae 21, f. 19 (f) Oecobius navus
Palliduphantes byzantinus Linyphiidae 32, f. 42a-g (mf) Palliduphantes byzantinus
Pardosa roscai Lycosidae 32, f. 44a-c (f) Pardosa roscai
Pardosa tatarica Lycosidae 32, f. 45a-b (f) Pardosa tatarica
Philodromus femurostriatus Philodromidae 22, f. 20a-c (f) Philodromus femurostriatus
Phrurolithus azarkinae Phrurolithidae 22, f. 21a-j (mf) Phrurolithus azarkinae
Pisaura mirabilis Pisauridae 33, f. 46 (f) Pisaura mirabilis
Pseudeuophrys rhodiensis Salticidae 23, f. 22a-c (m) Pseudeuophrys rhodiensis
Scotophaeus blackwalli Gnaphosidae 32, f. 48 (f) Scotophaeus blackwalli
Scotophaeus scutulatus Gnaphosidae 32, f. 49 (f) Scotophaeus scutulatus
Simitidion agaricographum Theridiidae 34, f. 50a-e (mf) Simitidion agaricographum
Sintula karineae Linyphiidae 13, f. 3a-f (Df) Sintula karineae
Tegenaria faniapollinis Agelenidae 23, f. 23a-e (m) Tegenaria faniapollinis
Tegenaria vankeerorum Agelenidae 23, f. 24a-g (mf) Tegenaria vankeerorum
Theridion adrianopoli Theridiidae 34, f. 51a-b (f) Theridion adrianopoli
Theridion helena Theridiidae 23, f. 25a-c (mf) Theridion helena
Tibellus macellus Philodromidae 32, f. 52a-b (m) Tibellus macellus
Tmarus piochardi Thomisidae 34, f. 53a-b (f) Tmarus piochardi
Xysticus thessalicoides Thomisidae 24, f. 26a-c (m) Xysticus thessalicoides
Zaitunia kunti Filistatidae 25, f. 27a-c (m) Zaitunia kunti
Zelotes cingarus Gnaphosidae 32, f. 54 (f) Zelotes cingarus
Zodarion nigrifemur Zodariidae 34, f. 55a-b (m; misidentified per Lecigne & Henrard, 2022: 33) Zodarion thoni
Zoropsis lutea Zoropsidae 34, f. 56 (f) Zoropsis lutea
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