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Pett, B. L., Rubio, G. D. & Stolar, C. E. (2021). A first baseline for the salticid (Araneae: Salticidae) fauna of Paraguay, with thirty-two new records and description of a new species from Paraguay and Argentina. Arachnology 18(8): 922-935. doi:10.13156/arac.2021.18.8.922 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Aillutticus raizeri Salticidae 926, f. 6H-I (m) Aillutticus raizeri
Aphirape riojana Salticidae 932, f. 10A-D (f) Aphirape riojana
Breda bistriata Salticidae 927, f. 6L-N (m) Breda bistriata
Chira lucina Salticidae 932, f. 9H, K (m) Chira lucina
Chirothecia daguerrei Salticidae 927, f. 9A-B (m) Chirothecia daguerrei
Colonus germaini Salticidae 926, f. 6A-C (m) Colonus germaini
Colonus melanogaster Salticidae 926, f. 6D-G (m) Colonus melanogaster
Corythalia conferta Salticidae 929, f. 9F-G, I (m) Corythalia conferta
Frigga quintensis Salticidae 932, f. 10E-G (m) Frigga quintensis
Marma nigritarsis Salticidae 931, f. 9L-M (m) Marma nigritarsis
Pachomius rubrogastrus Salticidae 924, 1A-H, 2A-E, 3A-J (Dmf; N.B.: linguistically correct would be "rubrogaster", but it is taken as noun in apposition according to ICZN Article 31.2.2.) Pachomius rubrogastrus
Parafluda banksi Salticidae 927, f. 7H-I (m) Parafluda banksi
Psecas chapoda Salticidae 927, f. 8F-G (mf) Psecas chapoda
Psecas viridipurpureus Salticidae 927, f. 8H-K (m, N.B.: unknown male not described) Psecas viridipurpureus
Rudra humilis Salticidae 929, f. 9C-E (m) Rudra humilis
Saitis variegatus Salticidae 931, f. 9J-K (f) Saitis variegatus
Sarinda marcosi Salticidae 927, f. 7A, C-D (m) Sarinda marcosi
Sarinda nigra Salticidae 927, f. 7B, E-G (mf) Sarinda nigra
Tomis palpalis Salticidae 927, f. 6J-K (m) Tomis palpalis
Tullgrenella yungae Salticidae 933, f. 9I-J (f) Tullgrenella yungae
Vinnius uncatus Salticidae 927, f. 8A-E (mf) Vinnius uncatus
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