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Wilson, J. D. & Rix, M. G. (2021). Systematics of the Australian golden trapdoor spiders of the Euoplos variabilis-group (Mygalomorphae: Idiopidae: Euoplini): parapatry and sympatry between closely related species in subtropical Queensland. Invertebrate Systematics 35(5): 514-541. doi:10.1071/IS20055 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Euoplos booloumba Idiopidae 521, f. 14-27 (Dmf) Euoplos booloumba
Euoplos grandis Idiopidae 523, f. 28-41 (mf) Euoplos grandis
Euoplos jayneae Idiopidae 523, f. 42-55 (Dmf) Euoplos jayneae
Euoplos raveni Idiopidae 526, f. 2, 56-69 (Dmf) Euoplos raveni
Euoplos regalis Idiopidae 529, f. 70-83 (Dmf) Euoplos regalis
Euoplos schmidti Idiopidae 532, f. 84-97 (Dmf) Euoplos schmidti
Euoplos similaris Idiopidae 534, f. 1, 98-111 (Dmf) Euoplos similaris
Euoplos variabilis Idiopidae 537, f. 3, 112-125 (mf) Euoplos variabilis
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