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Logunov, D. V. (2021c). Notes on the genus Chinattus Logunov, 1999 from India, Pakistan and Nepal (Arachnida: Araneae: Salticidae). Zootaxa 5006(1): 110-120. doi:10.11646/zootaxa.5006.1.15 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Chinattus chichila Salticidae 111, f. 1-5 (f) Chinattus chichila
Chinattus mikhailovi Salticidae 112, f. 6-22 (Dmf) Chinattus mikhailovi
Chinattus sinensis Salticidae 117 (probably S of Chinattus undulatus) Chinattus sinensis
Chinattus szechwanensis Salticidae 118 (apparently regarded as S of Chinattus undulatus, but not formally re-synonymized) Chinattus szechwanensis
Chinattus validus Salticidae 115, f. 23-34 (mf) Chinattus validus
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