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Zhao, J. X., Wang, L. Y., Irfan, M. & Zhang, Z. S. (2021a). Further revision of the mesh-web spider genus Taira Lehtinen, 1967 (Amaurobiidae), with the description of six new species. Zootaxa 5020(3): 457-488. doi:10.11646/zootaxa.5020.3.3 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Taira borneoensis Amaurobiidae 459, f. 1A-B, 2A-C (Df) Taira borneoensis
Taira cangshan Amaurobiidae 450, f. 3A-G (mf) Taira cangshan
Taira concava Amaurobiidae 450, f. 4A-G (mf) Taira concava
Taira decorata Amaurobiidae 462, f. 5A-G (mf) Taira decorata
Taira flavidorsalis Amaurobiidae 464, f. 6A-E (f) Taira flavidorsalis
Taira gyaisiensis Amaurobiidae 465, f. 7A-B, 8A-C (Df) Taira gyaisiensis
Taira latilabiata Amaurobiidae 466, f. 9A-E, 10A-G, 11A-B (Dmf) Taira latilabiata
Taira liboensis Amaurobiidae 468, f. 12A-G (mf) Taira liboensis
Taira nyagqukaensis Amaurobiidae 471, f. 13A-B, 14A-C (Df) Taira nyagqukaensis
Taira obtusa Amaurobiidae 471, f. 15A-E, 16A-G (Dmf) Taira obtusa
Taira qiuae Amaurobiidae 482, f. 25A-G (mf) Taira qiuae
Taira sichuanensis Amaurobiidae 483, f. 26A-G (mf) Taira sichuanensis
Taira sulciformis Amaurobiidae 474, f. 17A-G (mf) Taira sulciformis
Taira wanzhouensis Amaurobiidae 475, f. 18A-E, 19A-G (Dmf) Taira wanzhouensis
Taira xuanenensis Amaurobiidae 476, f. 20A-C, 21A-D (Dm) Taira xuanenensis
Taira yangi Amaurobiidae 479, f. 22A-E, 23A-G (Dmf) Taira yangi
Taira zhui Amaurobiidae 485, f. 27A-G (mf) Taira zhui
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