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Zhang, H., Zhong, Y., Zhu, Y., Agnarsson, I. & Liu, J. (2021b). A molecular phylogeny of the Chinese Sinopoda spiders (Sparassidae, Heteropodinae): implications for taxonomy. PeerJ 9(e11775): 1-26. doi:10.7717/peerj.11775 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Sinopoda anguina Sparassidae 9, f. 3A, E, I-J (mf) Sinopoda anguina
Sinopoda campanacea Sparassidae 15 (S of Sinopoda changde, f of S. campanacea is mismatched and named S. papilionacea nomen nudum) Sinopoda campanacea
Sinopoda cochlearia Sparassidae 12, f. 6A-D (mf) Sinopoda cochlearia
Sinopoda dehiscens Sparassidae 11, f. 5A, E (f) Sinopoda dehiscens
Sinopoda erromena Sparassidae 11, f. 5B, F (f, lapsus) Sinopoda erromera
Sinopoda fasciculata Sparassidae 12, f. 6E-H (mf) Sinopoda fasciculata
Sinopoda globosa Sparassidae 10, f. 4A, F, K, P (mf) Sinopoda globosa
Sinopoda guangyuanensis Sparassidae 12, f. 6I-L (mf) Sinopoda guangyuanensis
Sinopoda hamata Sparassidae 12, f. 6M-P (mf) Sinopoda hamata
Sinopoda improcera Sparassidae 9, f. 3B, F, K-L (mf, lapsus) Sinopoda improcea
Sinopoda lata Sparassidae 9, f. 3C, G (f) Sinopoda lata
Sinopoda longiducta Sparassidae 10, f. 4B, G, L, Q (mf) Sinopoda longiducta
Sinopoda mamillata Sparassidae 9, f. 3D, H, M-N (mf) Sinopoda mamillata
Sinopoda ovata Sparassidae 10, f. 4C, H, M, R (mf) Sinopoda ovata
Sinopoda papilionacea Sparassidae 16 (f, misidentified f of Sinopoda campanacea, but spec. nov. not valid, because no holotype was fixed) Sinopoda papilionacea
Sinopoda serpentembolus Sparassidae 17, f. 7A-D, 8A-F (mf) Sinopoda serpentembolus
Sinopoda triangula Sparassidae 10, f. 4D, I, N, S (mf) Sinopoda triangula
Sinopoda tumefacta Sparassidae 11, f. 5C, G, I-J (mf) Sinopoda tumefacta
Sinopoda wangi Sparassidae 12, f. 6Q-T (mf) Sinopoda wangi
Sinopoda wuyiensis Sparassidae 20, f. 9A-D (Df) Sinopoda wuyiensis
Sinopoda yaanensis Sparassidae 10, f. 4E, J, O, T (mf) Sinopoda yaanensis
Sinopoda yanlingensis Sparassidae 11, f. 5D, H, K-L (mf) Sinopoda yanlingensis
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