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Ríos-Tamayo, D., Engelbrecht, I. & Goloboff, P. A. (2021). A revision of the genus Hermacha Simon, 1889 (Mygalomorphae: Entypesidae), in southern Africa with revalidation of Hermachola Hewitt, 1915, and Brachytheliscus Pocock, 1902. American Museum Novitates 3977: 1-80. doi:10.1206/3977.1 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Brachytheliscus bicolor Entypesidae 70, f. 42A-E, 43A,F, 44A-F (mf, T from Hermacha) Brachytheliscus bicolor
Hermacha brevicauda Entypesidae 34, f. 2A, 5A-D, 20A-F, 21A-E (m, S of Pionothele capensis) Hermacha brevicauda
Hermacha caudata Entypesidae 37, f. 5E-H, 22A-E, 23A-E (m) Hermacha caudata
Hermacha curvipes Entypesidae 74, f. 45A-D (m, incertae sedis, differs from currently described genera) Hermacha curvipes
Hermacha evanescens Entypesidae 39, f. 1B-C, 2B, 3A-D, 5I-L, 24A-F, 25A-E, 26A-E (Dmf) Hermacha evanescens
Hermacha fulva Entypesidae 11, f. 2C, 4A-D, 6A-F, 7A-E (m) Hermacha fulva
Hermacha lanata Entypesidae 44, f. 2D, 5M-P, 27A-F, 28A-E, 29A-E (m, Df) Hermacha lanata
Hermacha maraisae Entypesidae 49, f. 2E, 5Q-T, 30A-F, 31A-E (Dm) Hermacha maraisae
Hermacha montana Entypesidae 13, f. 2F, 4E-H, 8A-F, 9A-E, 10A-E (Dmf) Hermacha montana
Hermacha nigra Entypesidae 75, f. 45E (f, incertae sedis, differs from currently described entypesid genera from South Africa) Hermacha nigra
Hermacha nigrispinosa Entypesidae 21, f. 2G, 4I-L, 11A-E, 12A-E, 13A-E (mf) Hermacha nigrispinosa
Hermacha septemtrionalis Entypesidae 51, f. 1D-E, 5U-X, 32A-F, 33A-E, 34A-F (Dmf) Hermacha septemtrionalis
Hermacha sericea Entypesidae 24, f. 2H, 4M-P, 14A-F, 15A-J, 16A-E (m, Df) Hermacha sericea
Hermacha tuckeri Entypesidae 30, f. 1F, 2I, 4Q-T, 17A-F, 18A-E, 19A-E (mf) Hermacha tuckeri
Hermachola capensis Entypesidae 58, f. 35A-F (f, T from Hermacha) Hermachola capensis
Hermachola crudeni Entypesidae 60, f. 3E-H, 36A-E, 27A-D, 38A-F (mf, T from Hermacha, S of Hermacha grahami) Hermachola crudeni
Hermachola lyleae Entypesidae 63, f. 1A, 39A-E, 40A-D, 41A-E (Dmf) Hermachola lyleae
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