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Chen, K.-M., Lin, T.-Y. & Ueng, Y.-T. (2021). Three new species and six newly recorded species of jumping spiders (Araneae: Salticidae) in Taiwan. Natural Resources 12: 290-320. doi:10.4236/nr.2021.129021 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Bianor angulosus Salticidae 292, f. 2A-C (m) Bianor angulosus
Carrhotus tristis Salticidae 296, f. 8A-B, 9A-D (m) Carrhotus tristis
Cosmophasis lami Salticidae 293, f. 5A-D (m) Cosmophasis lami
Euophrys taiwanus Salticidae 298, f. 10A-D, 11A-D, 12A-B, 13A-F (Dmf) Euophrys taiwanus
Evarcha bulbosa Salticidae 301, f. 14A-B, 15A-E (m) Evarcha bulbosa
Evarcha chiayiensis Salticidae 302, f. 16A-D, 17A-D (Dm) Evarcha chiayiensis
Evarcha flavocincta Salticidae 296, f. 7A-C (f) Evarcha flavocincta
Hasarius adansoni Salticidae 292, f. 4A-D (m) Hasarius adansoni
Menemerus bivittatus Salticidae 304, f. 19A-B, 20A-D, 21A-B, 22A-C (mf) Menemerus bivittatus
Microbianor formosana Salticidae 307, f. 22A-B, 23A-D, 24A-D (Dm) Microbianor formosana
Myrmarachne formosicola Salticidae 293, f. 1A-E (m) Myrmarachne formosicola
Phintelloides versicolor Salticidae 295, f. 6A-C (m) Phintella versicolor
Plexippus petersi Salticidae 310, f. 25A-B, 26A-D, 27A-B, 28A-D (mf) Plexippus petersi
Rhene rubrigera Salticidae 314, f. 30A-B, 31A-D (mf) Rhene rubrigera
Sibianor pullus Salticidae 292, f. 3A-D (f) Sibianor pullus
Synagelides zhilcovae Salticidae 316, f. 32A-D (f) Synagelides zhilcovae
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