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Lin, S. W., Lopardo, L. & Uhl, G. (2022). Evolution of nuptial-gift-related male prosomal structures: taxonomic revision and cladistic analysis of the genus Oedothorax (Araneae: Linyphiidae: Erigoninae). Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society 195(2): 417-584, suppl. figs S1-S5. doi:10.1093/zoolinnean/zlab033 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Atypena cirrifrons Linyphiidae 540, f. 7G, 67H, 68H, 74A-F, 5SE (m) Atypena cirrifrons
Atypena formosana Linyphiidae 538, f. 7H, 67I, 68I, 73A-H, 5SD (mf, T from Callitrichia) Atypena formosana
Callitrichia aberdarensis Linyphiidae 459 (T from Toschia) Callitrichia aberdarensis
Callitrichia casta Linyphiidae 459 (T from Toschia) Callitrichia casta
Callitrichia celans Linyphiidae 454 (incertae sedis, T from Toschia) Callitrichia celans
Callitrichia concolor Linyphiidae 459 (T from Toschia) Callitrichia concolor
Callitrichia convector Linyphiidae 459, f. 19G, 22G, 23A-K, 24G (m, T from Oedothorax) Callitrichia convector
Callitrichia cypericola Linyphiidae 459 (T from Toschia) Callitrichia cypericola
Callitrichia galeata Linyphiidae 458 (T from Ophrynia) Callitrichia galeata
Callitrichia galeata lukwangulensis Linyphiidae 458 (T from Ophrynia) Callitrichia galeata lukwangulensis
Callitrichia gloriosa Linyphiidae 459, f. 19F, 22F, 24F, 25A-I, 26E-F, S2D (mf, T from Typhistes) Callitrichia gloriosa
Callitrichia hirsuta Linyphiidae 464 (replacement name) Callitrichia hirsuta
Callitrichia holmi Linyphiidae 464, f. 19D, 22D, 24D, 27A-J, S2B (mf, T from Oedothorax, S of Callitrichia simplex) Callitrichia holmi
Callitrichia infecta Linyphiidae 452, 458 (T from Ophrynia) Callitrichia
Callitrichia insulana Linyphiidae 458 (T from Ophrynia) Callitrichia insulana
Callitrichia juguma Linyphiidae 466, f. 19I, 21A-H, 22I, 24I, S2F (mf, T from Ophrynia) Callitrichia juguma
Callitrichia latitibialis Linyphiidae 467, f. 19P, 22P, 24P, 28A-E, S2M (m, T from Oedothorax) Callitrichia latitibialis
Callitrichia legrandi Linyphiidae 468, f. 19M, 22M, 24M, 29A-J, S2J (mf, T from Oedothorax) Callitrichia legrandi
Callitrichia longiducta Linyphiidae 469, f. 19Q, 22Q, 24Q, 30A-M, S2N (Dmf, T from Oedothorax) Callitrichia longiducta
Callitrichia macrophthalma Linyphiidae 461, f. 19N, 22N, 24N, 31A-J, S2K (mf, T from Oedothorax) Callitrichia macrophthalma
Callitrichia minuta Linyphiidae 452, 459 (T from Toschia) Callitrichia minuta
Callitrichia monoceros Linyphiidae 472 (T from Oedothorax) Callitrichia
Callitrichia muscicola Linyphiidae 474, f. 19O, 22O, 24O, 32A-I, S2L (mf, T from Oedothorax) Callitrichia muscicola
Callitrichia paralegrandi Linyphiidae 474 (T from Oedothorax) Callitrichia paralegrandi
Callitrichia perspicua Linyphiidae 458 (T from Ophrynia) Callitrichia perspicua
Callitrichia picta Linyphiidae 476, f. 19E, 22E, 24E, 33A-G, S2C (mf, T from Toschia) Callitrichia picta
Callitrichia pilosa Linyphiidae 476, f. 19K, 22K, 24K, 34A-F, S2H (m, T from Oedothorax) Callitrichia pilosa
Callitrichia revelatrix Linyphiidae 458 (T from Ophrynia) Callitrichia revelatrix
Callitrichia rostrata Linyphiidae 458 (T from Ophrynia) Callitrichia rostrata
Callitrichia sellafrontis Linyphiidae 478, f. 19H, 20A-K, 22H, 24H, 26D, S2E [not S2F] (mf) Callitrichia sellafrontis
Callitrichia summicola Linyphiidae 459 (T from Ophrynia) Callitrichia summicola
Callitrichia superciliosa Linyphiidae 452, 459 (T from Ophrynia) Callitrichia superciliosa
Callitrichia telekii Linyphiidae 459 (T from Toschia) Callitrichia telekii
Callitrichia trituberculata Linyphiidae 459 (T from Ophrynia) Callitrichia trituberculata
Callitrichia truncatula Linyphiidae 459 (T from Ophrynia) Callitrichia truncatula
Callitrichia uncata Linyphiidae 480, f. 18A-L, 19J, 22J, 24J, S2G (mf, T from Ophrynia) Callitrichia uncata
Callitrichia usitata Linyphiidae 480, f. 19L, 22L, 24L, 35A-G, S2I (m, T from Oedothorax) Callitrichia usitata
Callitrichia virgo Linyphiidae 459 (T from Toschia) Callitrichia virgo
Cornitibia simplicithorax Linyphiidae 529, f. 67B, 68B, 69A-E, S5A (m, T from Oedothorax) Cornitibia simplicithorax
Emertongone montifer Linyphiidae 525, f. 7A, 66A-G, 67C, 68C, S5B (mf, T from Oedothorax) Emertongone montifera
Gongylidioides insulanus Linyphiidae 535 (T from Oedothorax, S of Gongylidioides kouqianensis) Gongylidioides insulanus
Gongylidium rufipes Linyphiidae 430, f. 7J, 67K, 68K, S4F (m) Gongylidium rufipes
Halorates alascensis Linyphiidae 535 (T from Oedothorax confirmed) Halorates alascensis
Holmelgonia basalis Linyphiidae 482, f. 19C, 22C, 24C, 36A-I, S2A (mf) Holmelgonia basalis
Holmelgonia spinosa Linyphiidae 459 (T from Toschia) Holmelgonia spinosa
Hybauchenidium mongolense Linyphiidae 534 (T from Oedothorax) Hybauchenidium mongolensis
Hylyphantes graminicola Linyphiidae 430, f. 7M, 67N, 68N, 5SG (m) Hylyphantes graminicola
Jilinus hulongense Linyphiidae 531, f. 67A, 68A, 70A-I, S5C (mf, T from Oedothorax) Jilinus hulongensis
Mitrager angelus Linyphiidae 485, f. 26A-B, 38F, 39F, 40F, 41A-F, S4D [not S3D] (m, T from Oedothorax) Mitrager angela
Mitrager assueta Linyphiidae 491, f. 38R, 39R, 40S, 42A-E, 43B, S3E [not S4E] (m, T from Oedothorax) Mitrager assueta
Mitrager clypeellum Linyphiidae 491, f. 38B, 39B, 40B, 44A-G, S4B (m, T from Oedothorax) Mitrager clypeellum
Mitrager cornuta Linyphiidae 492, f. 38D, 39D, 40D, 45A-H (m, T from Oedothorax) Mitrager cornuta
Mitrager coronata Linyphiidae 496, f. 38G, 39G, 40G, 46-E, S4E (m, T from Oedothorax) Mitrager coronata
Mitrager dismodicoides Linyphiidae 497 (mf, T from Oedothorax) Mitrager dismodicoides
Mitrager elongatus Linyphiidae 499, f. 38C, 39C, 40C, 48A-L, S4C (mf, T from Oedothorax) Mitrager elongata
Mitrager falcifera Linyphiidae 501, f. 38U, 39T, 40V, 49A-F, S3H (m, T from Oedothorax) Mitrager falcifer
Mitrager falciferoides Linyphiidae 501, f. 38X, 39V, 40Y, 50A-G (m, T from Oedothorax) Mitrager falciferoides
Mitrager globiceps Linyphiidae 503, f. 38I, 39I, 40I, 51A-H, S4G (m, T from Oedothorax) Mitrager globiceps
Mitrager hirsuta Linyphiidae 505, f. 38A, 39A, 40A, 52A-D, S4A (m, T from Oedothorax) Mitrager hirsuta
Mitrager lineata Linyphiidae 505, f. 38J, 39J, 40J, 53A-G, S4H (mf, T from Oedothorax) Mitrager lineata
Mitrager lopchu Linyphiidae 507, f. 38W, 40X, 54A-E, S3J (m, T from Oedothorax) Mitrager lopchu
Mitrager lucida Linyphiidae 508, f. 38M, 39M, 40N, 55A-E, 56B, S3A (m, T from Oedothorax) Mitrager lucida
Mitrager malearmata Linyphiidae 510, f. 38S, 57A-G, S3F (m, T from Oedothorax) Mitrager malearmata
Mitrager modesta Linyphiidae 512, f. 38V, 39U, 40W, 58A-F, S3I (m, T from Oedothorax) Mitrager modesta
Mitrager noordami Linyphiidae 485, f. 37A-I, 38O, 39O, 40P, S3C (mf) Mitrager noordami
Mitrager rustica Linyphiidae 513, f. 38Q, 39Q, 40R, 59A-J (m, T from Oedothorax) Mitrager rustica
Mitrager savigniformis Linyphiidae 515, f. 38T, 39S, 40T-U, 60A-E, S3G (m, T from Oedothorax) Mitrager savigniformis
Mitrager sexoculata Linyphiidae 515, f. 38N, 39N, 40O, 61A-I, S3B (m, possible f, T from Oedothorax) Mitrager sexoculata
Mitrager sexoculorum Linyphiidae 518, f. 38H, 39H, 40H, 62A-G, S4F (m, T from Oedothorax) Mitrager sexoculorum
Mitrager tholusa Linyphiidae 518, f. 38L, 39L, 40L-M, 56A, 63A-G, S4J (m, f presumably not conspecific, T from Oedothorax) Mitrager tholusa
Mitrager triceps Linyphiidae 521 (T from Oedothorax) Mitrager triceps
Mitrager unicolor Linyphiidae 521, f. 38P, 39P, 40Q, 64A-H, S3D (mf, T from Oedothorax, S of Oedothorax kathmandu) Mitrager unicolor
Mitrager villosus Linyphiidae 523, f. 38E, 39E, 40E, 65A-K (mf, T from Oedothorax) Mitrager villosa
Nasoona crucifera Linyphiidae 558, f. 19S, 22S, 24S, 82A-F, S5K (m) Nasoona crucifera
Nasoona nigromaculata Linyphiidae 537 (T from Oedothorax, taxonomic position within Linyphiidae unclear) Nasoona nigromaculatus
Nasoona setifera Linyphiidae 454, f. 19R, 22R, 24R, 85A-E, 5SL (m) Nasoona setifera
Notolinga fuegiana Linyphiidae 537 (T from Oedothorax; N.B.: not accepted here, because Lavery & Dupérré, 2019: 248 was not taken into account) Neriene fuegiana
Oedothorax agrestis Linyphiidae 434, f. 5A-H, 7V, 8H, 9H, S1G (mf) Oedothorax agrestis
Oedothorax annulatus Linyphiidae 541 (incertae sedis) 'Oedothorax' annulatus
Oedothorax apicatus Linyphiidae 435, f. 7R, 8D, 9D, 12A-H, S1D (mf) Oedothorax apicatus
Oedothorax banksi Linyphiidae 451 (incertae sedis) 'Oedothorax' banksi
Oedothorax biantu Linyphiidae 542 (incertae sedis) 'Oedothorax' biantu
Oedothorax bifoveatus Linyphiidae 542 (incertae sedis) 'Oedothorax' bifoveatus
Oedothorax cascadeus Linyphiidae 543 (incertae sedis) 'Oedothorax' cascadeus
Oedothorax collinus Linyphiidae 543 (incertae sedis) 'Oedothorax' collinus
Oedothorax cruciferoides Linyphiidae 543 (incertae sedis) 'Oedothorax' cruciferoides
Oedothorax cunur Linyphiidae 544, f. 7E, 67F, 68F, 75A-K (mf, incertae sedis, more closely related to Atypena) 'Oedothorax' cunur
Oedothorax dubius Linyphiidae 542 (incertae sedis) 'Oedothorax' caporiaccoi
Oedothorax fuscus Linyphiidae 440, f. 7W, 8I, 9I, 14A-G, S1H (mf) Oedothorax fuscus
Oedothorax gibbifer Linyphiidae 443, f. 7Q, 8C, 9C, 15A-J, S1C (mf) Oedothorax gibbifer
Oedothorax gibbosus Linyphiidae 428, f. 6A-H, 7O, 8A, 9A, S1A (mf) Oedothorax gibbosus
Oedothorax howardi Linyphiidae 544 (incertae sedis) 'Oedothorax' howardi
Oedothorax japonicus Linyphiidae 546 (incertae sedis) 'Oedothorax' japonicus
Oedothorax khasi Linyphiidae 546 (incertae sedis) 'Oedothorax' khasi
Oedothorax kodaikanal Linyphiidae 546, f. 7D, 67E, 68E, 76A-G (m, incertae sedis) 'Oedothorax' kodaikanal
Oedothorax limatus Linyphiidae 548 (incertae sedis) 'Oedothorax' limatus
Oedothorax mangsima Linyphiidae 548 (incertae sedis) 'Oedothorax' mangsima
Oedothorax meghalaya Linyphiidae 548, f. 19A, 22A, 24A, 77A-E (m, incertae sedis) 'Oedothorax' meghalaya
Oedothorax meridionalis Linyphiidae 444, f. 7U, 8G, 9G, 10A-G, S1F (mf) Oedothorax meridionalis
Oedothorax myanmar Linyphiidae 550 (incertae sedis) 'Oedothorax' myanmar
Oedothorax nazareti Linyphiidae 550, f. 7I, 67J, 68J, 78A-I, 5SM (m, Df, incertae sedis) 'Oedothorax' nazareti
Oedothorax paludigena Linyphiidae 446, f. 7T, 8F, 9F, 13A-I (mf) Oedothorax paludigena
Oedothorax paracymbialis Linyphiidae 552, f. 7C, 67D, 68D, 79A-F (m, incertae sedis) 'Oedothorax' paracymbialis
Oedothorax retusus Linyphiidae 447, f. 7S, 8E, 9E, 16A-H, S1E (mf) Oedothorax retusus
Oedothorax sexmaculatus Linyphiidae 553 (incertae sedis) 'Oedothorax' sexmaculatus
Oedothorax sohra Linyphiidae 553 (incertae sedis) 'Oedothorax' sohra
Oedothorax stylus Linyphiidae 554, f. 7f, 67g, 68g, 80A-H (mf, incertae sedis) 'Oedothorax' stylus
Oedothorax tingitanus Linyphiidae 448, f. 7X, 8J, 9J, 11A-H, S1I (mf) Oedothorax tingitanus
Oedothorax trilineatus Linyphiidae 556 (incertae sedis) 'Oedothorax' trilineatus
Oedothorax trilobatus Linyphiidae 450, f. 7P, 8B, 9B, 17A-G, S1B (mf) Oedothorax trilobatus
Oedothorax unciger Linyphiidae 556 (incertae sedis) Oedothorax unciger
Oedothorax uncus Linyphiidae 556, f. 19b, 22b, 24b, 81A-I (mf, incertae sedis) 'Oedothorax' uncus
Soulgas corticarius Linyphiidae 536, f. 72A-B (m, S of Oedothorax seminolus confirmed) Soulgas corticarius
Tmeticus brevipalpus Linyphiidae 536 (T from Oedothorax, taxonomic position within Erigoninae unclear) Tmeticus brevipalpus
Tmeticus maximus Linyphiidae 537 (T from Oedothorax, taxonomic position within Erigoninae unclear) Tmeticus maximus
Tmeticus tolli Linyphiidae 559, f. 7N, 67O, 68O, 83A-E, 5SH (mf) Tmeticus tolli
Ummeliata esyunini Linyphiidae 533, f. 7L, 67M, 68M, 71A-F, 5SI (m, T from Oedothorax, S of Ummeliata xiaowutai) Ummeliata esyunini
Ummeliata insecticeps Linyphiidae 534, f. 7K, 67L, 68L, 84A-D, 5SJ (mf) Ummeliata insecticeps
Genus Family Page
Cornitibia Lin, Lopardo & Uhl, 2022 Linyphiidae 519
Emertongone Lin, Lopardo & Uhl, 2022 Linyphiidae 525
Jilinus Lin, Lopardo & Uhl, 2022 Linyphiidae 531