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Hewitt, J. (1913b). Descriptions of new and little known species of trapdoor spiders (Ctenizidae and Migidae) from South Africa. Records of the Albany Museum Grahamstown 2: 404-434. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Ancylotrypa barbertoni Cyrtaucheniidae 430 (Dmf) Pelmatorycter barbertoni
Ancylotrypa pretoriae Cyrtaucheniidae 427 (Dmf) Pelmatorycter pretoriae
Ctenolophus fenoulheti Idiopidae 414 (Df) Ctenolophus fenoulheti
Ctenolophus oomi Idiopidae 415 (Df) Ctenolophus oomi
Galeosoma schreineri Idiopidae 421, f. 1-3 (Df) Galeosoma schreineri
Homostola pardalina Bemmeridae 424 (Df) Paromostola pardalina
Idiops castaneus Idiopidae 420 (Df) Idiops castaneus
Idiops gerhardti Idiopidae 419 (Df) Idiops gerhardti
Idiops gunningi Idiopidae 417 (Df) Idiops gunningi
Moggridgea intermedia Migidae 433 (Df) Moggridgea intermedia
Segregara transvaalensis Idiopidae 412 (Df) Ctenolophus transvaalensis
Stasimopus insculptus Stasimopidae 404 (Df) Stasimopus insculptus
Stasimopus patersonae Stasimopidae 408 (Df) Stasimopus patersonae
Stasimopus qumbu Stasimopidae 407 (Df) Stasimopus qumbu
Stasimopus robertsi Stasimopidae 410 (Df) [] Stasimopus dubius
Stasimopus unispinosus Stasimopidae 412 (Dm) Stasimopus unispinosus
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