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Wunderlich, J. (2022). Some spiders (Araneae) of the Western Palearctic. Beitr├Ąge zur Araneologie 15: 4-78, 199. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Agyneta pseudorurestris Linyphiidae 31, f. 60 (m) Agyneta pseudorurestris
Ajmonia gratiosa Dictynidae 36, f. 72-73 (m, T from Nigma) Ajmonia gratiosa
Apostenus epidaurus Liocranidae 51, f. 114-117 (Dm) Apostenus epidaurus
Apostenus naxos Liocranidae 50, f. 107-113 (Dmf) Apostenus naxos
Bassaniodes canariensis Thomisidae 24, f. 44 (here spelled Bassanoides) (m) Bassaniodes canariensis
Bassaniodes clavulus Thomisidae 25, f. 45 (here spelled Bassanoides) (m) Bassaniodes clavulus
Bassaniodes falx Thomisidae 25, f. 46-47 (here spelled Bassanoides) (Dm) Bassaniodes falx
Bassaniodes fuerteventurensis Thomisidae 25, f. 48 (here spelled Bassanoides) (m) Bassaniodes fuerteventurensis
Bassaniodes hariaensis Thomisidae 26, f. 49-51 (here spelled Bassanoides) (Dm) Bassaniodes hariaensis
Bassaniodes lanzarotensis Thomisidae 25, f. 52 (here spelled Bassanoides) (m) Bassaniodes lanzarotensis
Bassaniodes squalidus Thomisidae 25, f. 53 (here spelled Bassanoides) (m) Bassaniodes squalidus
Civizelotes sengleti Gnaphosidae 44, f. 94-98 (Dm) Zelotes (Civizelotes) sengleti
Dictyna aguasverdes Dictynidae 17, f. 15-21 (Dmf) Dictyna aguasverdes
Dictyna betancuria Dictynidae 18, f. 22-25 (Dmf) Dictyna betancuria
Dictyna cofete Dictynidae 19, f. 26-27 (Df) Dictyna cofete
Dictyna fuerteventurensis Dictynidae 20, f. 28-29 (mf) Dictyna fuerteventurensis
Dictyna guanchae Dictynidae 12, 20, f. 30-36 (Dm, f, T from Brigittea) Dictyna guanchae
Dictyna lanzarotensis Dictynidae 21, f. 37-40 (Dm) Dictyna lanzarotensis
Diplocephalus protuberiscus Linyphiidae 52, f. 118-121 (Dm) Diplocephalus protuberiscus
Emblyna canadas Dictynidae 14, f. 6-10 (Dmf) Emblyna canadas
Emblyna teideensis Dictynidae 15, f. 11-14 (mf) Emblyna teideensis
Hahnia linderi Hahniidae 22, f. 41-43 (Dm) Hahnia linderi
Lachesana naxos Zodariidae 47, f. 99-104 (Dm) Lachesana naxos
Lathys mantarota Dictynidae 38, f. 74-81 (Dmf) Lathys mantarota
Ozyptila tenerifensis Thomisidae 28, f. 54-57 (m) Ozyptila tenerifensis
Palliduphantes juliao Linyphiidae 32, f. 61-63 (Dm) Palliduphantes juliao
Rugathodes minioculatus Theridiidae 8, f. 1-3 (Df) Rugathodes minioculatus
Synaphosus parvioculi Gnaphosidae 41, f. 82-86 (Df) ?Synaphosus parvioculi
Tenuiphantes palmensis Linyphiidae 10, f. 4-5 (m, T from Palliduphantes, S of Palliduphantes baeumeri) Tenuiphantes palmensis
Zelotes barbarella Gnaphosidae 43, f. 87-93 (Dm) Zelotes barbarella
Zodarion parashi Zodariidae 48, f. 105-106 (Dm) Zodarion parashi
Zodarion parastyliferum Zodariidae 34, f. 66-68 (Dm) Zodarion parastyliferum
Zodarion styliferum Zodariidae 33, f. 64-65 (m) Zodarion styliferum
Zodarion tuber Zodariidae 35, f. 69-71 (Dm) Zodarion tuber
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