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Hernández Salgado, L. C., Guerrero Fuentes, D. R., Garduño Villaseñor, L. A., Castañeda Betancur, L., López Reyes, E. & Ceccarelli, F. S. (2022). New distributional records of Phidippus (Araneae: Salticidae) for Baja California and Mexico: an integrative approach. Diversity 14(159): 1-13, Suppl. p. 1-19. doi:10.3390/d14030159 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Phidippus adumbratus Salticidae 4, f. S1A-H (mf) Phidippus adumbratus
Phidippus boei Salticidae 4, f. S2A-D (m) Phidippus boei
Phidippus californicus Salticidae 5, f. S3A-H (mf) Phidippus californicus
Phidippus comatus Salticidae 5, f. S4A-D (m) Phidippus comatus
Phidippus johnsoni Salticidae 5, f. S5A-H (mf) Phidippus johnsoni
Phidippus nikites Salticidae 6, f. S6A-H (mf) Phidippus nikites
Phidippus octopunctatus Salticidae 6, f. S7A-F (mf) Phidippus octopunctatus
Phidippus phoenix Salticidae 7, f. S8A-H (mf) Phidippus phoenix
Phidippus tux Salticidae 7, f. S9A-D (f) Phidippus tux
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