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Liu, K. K., Li, S. Q., Zhang, X. Q., Ying, Y. H., Meng, Z. Y., Fei, M. H., Li, W. H., Xiao, Y. H. & Xu, X. (2022a). Unknown species from China: the case of phrurolithid spiders (Araneae, Phrurolithidae). Zoological Research 43(3): 352-355, Suppl. I: 1-5, Suppl. II: 1-223. doi:10.24272/j.issn.2095-8137.2022.055 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Aculithus bijiashanicus Phrurolithidae Suppl. 2: 19, f. 22A-C, 23A-F, 32, 131A, D, 132A, D, 133A-B (mf, T from Otacilia) Aculithus bijiashanicus
Aculithus chongyi Phrurolithidae 354, Suppl. 2: 20, f. 24A-D, 25A-F, 26A-C (Dmf) Aculithus chongyi
Aculithus fabiformis Phrurolithidae Suppl. 2: 21, f. 131B, E, 132B, E, 133C-D (mf, T from Otacilia) Aculithus fabiformis
Aculithus hippocampus Phrurolithidae Suppl. 2: 21 (T from Otacilia) Aculithus hippocampus
Aculithus subfabiformis Phrurolithidae Suppl. 2: 22, f. 131C, F, 132C, F, 133E-F (mf, T from Otacilia) Aculithus subfabiformis
Aculithus taishan Phrurolithidae 354, Suppl. 2: 22, f. 27A-F, 28A-E, 29A-D (Dm) Aculithus taishan
Aculithus xunwu Phrurolithidae 354, Suppl. 2: 23, f. 30A-F, 31A-F (Dm) Aculithus xunwu
Alboculus zhejiangensis Phrurolithidae Suppl. 2: 24, f. 33A-H, 35A-I, 134A-G (mf) Alboculus zhejiangensis
Grandilithus anyuan Phrurolithidae 354, Suppl. 2: 26, f. 37A-F, 38A-O, 39A-C, 40A-D, 70A (Dmf) Grandilithus anyuan
Grandilithus aobei Phrurolithidae 354, Suppl. 2: 28, f. 41A-F, 42A-E (Dm) Grandilithus aobei
Grandilithus bawangling Phrurolithidae Suppl. 2: 29 (T from Otacilia) Grandilithus bawangling
Grandilithus biarclatus Phrurolithidae Suppl. 2: 29 (T from Otacilia) Grandilithus biarclatus
Grandilithus dingnan Phrurolithidae 354, Suppl. 2: 29, f. 43A-D (Df) Grandilithus dingnan
Grandilithus dongguling Phrurolithidae 354, Suppl. 2: 30, f. 44A-D (Df) Grandilithus dongguling
Grandilithus ensifer Phrurolithidae Suppl. 2: 31 (T from Otacilia) Grandilithus ensifer
Grandilithus fengshan Phrurolithidae 354, Suppl. 2: 31, f. 45A-F, 46A-F, 70B (Dm) Grandilithus fengshan
Grandilithus florifer Phrurolithidae Suppl. 2: 32 (T from Otacilia) Grandilithus florifer
Grandilithus fujianus Phrurolithidae Suppl. 2: 32 (T from Otacilia) Grandilithus fujianus
Grandilithus jianfengling Phrurolithidae Suppl. 2: 33 (T from Otacilia) Grandilithus jianfengling
Grandilithus jiangshan Phrurolithidae 354, Suppl. 2: 33, f. 47A-D (Df) Grandilithus jiangshan
Grandilithus jingshi Phrurolithidae 354, Suppl. 2: 34, f. 48A-F, 49A-H, 50A-D, 70C (Dmf) Grandilithus jingshi
Grandilithus limushan Phrurolithidae Suppl. 2: 35 (T from Otacilia) Grandilithus limushan
Grandilithus longjiatang Phrurolithidae 354, Suppl. 2: 36, f. 51A-I, 52A-G (Dm) Grandilithus longjiatang
Grandilithus longtanica Phrurolithidae Suppl. 2: 37, f. 136A-C (f, T from Otacilia) Grandilithus longtanicus
Grandilithus lynx Phrurolithidae Suppl. 2: 37 (T from Otacilia) Grandilithus lynx
Grandilithus nanan Phrurolithidae 354, Suppl. 2: 37, f. 53A-F, 54A-F (Dm) Grandilithus nanan
Grandilithus ningdu Phrurolithidae 354, Suppl. 2: 38, f. 55A-F, 56A-F (Dm) Grandilithus ningdu
Grandilithus nonggang Phrurolithidae Suppl. 2: 39, f. 135A-D, 136D-F (mf, T from Otacilia) Grandilithus nonggang
Grandilithus taihe Phrurolithidae 354, Suppl. 2: 39, f. 57A-F, 58A-C, 59A-D, 70E (Dmf) Grandilithus taihe
Grandilithus taiwanicus Phrurolithidae Suppl. 2: 41 (T from Otacilia) Grandilithus taiwanicus
Grandilithus tianyushan Phrurolithidae 354, Suppl. 2: 41, f. 60A-F, 61A-H, 62A-D, 70D (Dmf) Grandilithus tianyushan
Grandilithus tupingao Phrurolithidae 354, Suppl. 2: 42, f. 63A-D, 70F (Df) Grandilithus tupingao
Grandilithus wanshou Phrurolithidae Suppl. 2: 43 (T from Otacilia) Grandilithus wanshou
Grandilithus wanzili Phrurolithidae 354, Suppl. 2: 44, f. 64A-D (Df) Grandilithus wanzili
Grandilithus xiaoxiicus Phrurolithidae Suppl. 2: 44, f. 65A-F, 66A-F, 70G, 136G-I (Dm, f, T from Otacilia) Grandilithus xiaoxiicus
Grandilithus yunyin Phrurolithidae 354, Suppl. 2: 45, f. 67A-D, 68A-F, 69A-F, 70F (Dmf) Grandilithus yunyin
Otacilia acutangula Phrurolithidae Suppl. 2: 47, f. 137A, 138A, 139A, 140A, 141A, 142A, 143A (mf) Otacilia acutangula
Otacilia ailan Phrurolithidae Suppl. 2: 76, f. 141B, 142B, 143B (f) Otacilia ailan
Otacilia aotou Phrurolithidae 354, Suppl. 2: 48, f. 72A-F, 73A-F, 74A-D, 125A-B (Dmf) Otacilia aotou
Otacilia bizhouica Phrurolithidae Suppl. 2: 49, f. 137B, 138B, 139B, 140B, 141C, 142C, 143C (mf) Otacilia bizhouica
Otacilia dadongshanica Phrurolithidae Suppl. 2: 50, f. 125C-D, 137C, 138C, 139C, 140C, 141D, 142D, 143D (mf) Otacilia dadongshanica
Otacilia daweishan Phrurolithidae Suppl. 2: 76, f. 137D, 138D, 139D, 140D, 141E, 142E, 143E (mf) Otacilia daweishan
Otacilia dawushan Phrurolithidae 354, Suppl. 2: 50, f. 75A-F, 76A-C, 77A-D, 125E-F (Dmf) Otacilia dawushan
Otacilia dongshang Phrurolithidae 354, Suppl. 2: 51, f. 78A-D (Df) Otacilia dongshang
Otacilia fuxi Phrurolithidae 354, Suppl. 2: 52, f. 79A-F, 80A-F, 81A-D, 125G-H (Dmf) Otacilia fuxi
Otacilia gougunao Phrurolithidae Suppl. 2: 77, f. 137E, 138E, 139E, 140E (m) Otacilia gougunao
Otacilia guizhumao Phrurolithidae 354, Suppl. 2: 54, f. 82A-F, 83A-E, 84A-D, 126A-B (Dmf) Otacilia guizhumao
Otacilia hushandong Phrurolithidae 354, Suppl. 2: 55, f. 85A-F, 86A-E, 87A-D, 126C-D (Dmf) Otacilia hushandong
Otacilia jiandao Phrurolithidae Suppl. 2: 77, f. 141F, 142F, 143F (f) Otacilia jiandao
Otacilia jiulianshan Phrurolithidae 354, Suppl. 2: 56, f. 88A-F, 89A-C, 90A-D, 126E-F (Dmf) Otacilia jiulianshan
Otacilia linghua Phrurolithidae 354, Suppl. 2: 58, f. 91A-F, 92A-D, 93A-D, 126G-H (Dmf) Otacilia linghua
Otacilia longbu Phrurolithidae 354, Suppl. 2: 59, f. 94A-D, 127A (Df) Otacilia longbu
Otacilia nanhuashanica Phrurolithidae Suppl. 2: 77, f. 137F, 138F, 139F, 140F, 141G, 142G, 143G (mf) Otacilia nanhuashanica
Otacilia ovoidea Phrurolithidae Suppl. 2: 77, f. 137G, 138G, 139G, 140G, 141H, 142H, 143H (mf) Otacilia ovoidea
Otacilia ping Phrurolithidae 354, Suppl. 2: 60, f. 95A-D, 127B (Df) Otacilia ping
Otacilia qingyuan Phrurolithidae 354, Suppl. 2: 61, f. 96A-F, 97A-D, 98A-D, 127C (Dmf) Otacilia qingyuan
Otacilia sanbai Phrurolithidae 354, Suppl. 2: 62, f. 99A-F, 100A-E, 101A-D, 127D-E (Dmf) Otacilia sanbai
Otacilia shenshanica Phrurolithidae Suppl. 2: 78, f. 137H, 138H, 139H, 140H, 141I, 142I, 143I (mf) Otacilia shenshanica
Otacilia shuijiang Phrurolithidae 354, Suppl. 2: 64, f. 102A-D, 127F (Df) Otacilia shuijiang
Otacilia subovoidea Phrurolithidae Suppl. 2: 78, f. 137I, 138I, 139I, 140I, 141J, 142J, 143J (mf) Otacilia subovoidea
Otacilia tianhua Phrurolithidae 354, Suppl. 2: 65, f. 103A-F, 104A-D, 127G-H (Dmf) Otacilia tianhua
Otacilia wanshi Phrurolithidae 355, Suppl. 2: 66, f. 105A-F, 106A-F, 107A-D, 128A-B (Dmf) Otacilia wanshi
Otacilia wugongshanica Phrurolithidae Suppl. 2: 68, f. 128C, 137J, 138J, 139J, 140J, 141K, 142K, 143K (mf) Otacilia wugongshanica
Otacilia wuzhifeng Phrurolithidae 355, Suppl. 2: 68, f. 108A-D, 109A-F, 110A-E, 128D-E (Dmf) Otacilia wuzhifeng
Otacilia xiangshan Phrurolithidae 355, Suppl. 2: 69, f. 111A-F, 112A-E, 113A-D, 128F-G (Dmf) Otacilia xiangshan
Otacilia xiaobu Phrurolithidae 355, Suppl. 2: 71, f. 114A-F, 115A-E, 128H (Dm) Otacilia xiaobu
Otacilia xingguo Phrurolithidae 355, Suppl. 2: 72, f. 116A-D, 129 (Df) Otacilia xingguo
Otacilia yangming Phrurolithidae 355, Suppl. 2: 73, f. 117A-D, 118A-F, 119A-F (Dmf) Otacilia yangming
Otacilia yinae Phrurolithidae Suppl. 2: 78, f. 137K, 138K, 139K, 140K (m) Otacilia yinae
Otacilia yusishanica Phrurolithidae Suppl. 2: 78, f. 137L, 138L, 140L, 141L, 142L, 143L (mf) Otacilia yusishanica
Otacilia zaoshiica Phrurolithidae Suppl. 2: 78, f. 137M, 138M, 139L, 140M, 141M, 142M, 143M (mf) Otacilia zaoshiica
Otacilia zhonglong Phrurolithidae 355, Suppl. 2: 74, f. 120A-F, 121A-H, 122A-L, 123A-G, 124A-D (Dmf) Otacilia zhonglong
Otacilia ziyaoshanica Phrurolithidae Suppl. 2: 76, f. 141N, 142N, 143N (f) Otacilia ziyaoshanica
Xilithus acerosus Phrurolithidae Suppl. 2: 7 (T from Otacilia) Acrolithus acerosus
Xilithus acutus Phrurolithidae Suppl. 2: 8 (T from Otacilia) Acrolithus acutus
Xilithus auritus Phrurolithidae Suppl. 2: 8 (T from Otacilia) Acrolithus auritus
Xilithus digitatus Phrurolithidae Suppl. 2: 8 (T from Otacilia) Acrolithus digitatus
Xilithus jiulong Phrurolithidae 354, Suppl. 2: 9, f. 1A-D (Df) Acrolithus jiulong
Xilithus leibo Phrurolithidae Suppl. 2: 9 (T from Otacilia) Acrolithus leibo
Xilithus lingyun Phrurolithidae 354, Suppl. 2: 10, f. 2A-F, 3A-I, 4A-P, 5A-F, 6A-D, 7A-C, 20A-B (Dmf) Acrolithus lingyun
Xilithus ovatus Phrurolithidae Suppl. 2: 11 (T from Otacilia) Acrolithus ovatus
Xilithus pseudostella Phrurolithidae Suppl. 2: 11 (T from Otacilia) Acrolithus pseudostella
Xilithus ruyii Phrurolithidae 354, Suppl. 2: 12, f. 8A-D (Df) Acrolithus ruyii
Xilithus shijiao Phrurolithidae 354, Suppl. 2: 13, f. 9A-J, 10A-G, 11A-D, 20C (Dmf) Acrolithus shijiao
Xilithus xiajing Phrurolithidae 354, Suppl. 2: 14, f. 12A-F, 13A-D, 20D (Dm) Acrolithus xiajing
Xilithus xiaojing Phrurolithidae 354, Suppl. 2: 15, f. 14A-F, 15A-H, 16A-D, 20E (Dmf) Acrolithus xiaojing
Xilithus xingdoushanensis Phrurolithidae Suppl. 2: 16 (T from Otacilia) Acrolithus xingdoushanensis
Xilithus yeniu Phrurolithidae 354, Suppl. 2: 16, f. 17A-F, 18A-G, 19A-D, 20F (Dmf) Acrolithus yeniu
Xilithus zhangi Phrurolithidae Suppl. 2: 18 (T from Otacilia) Acrolithus zhangi
Genus Family Page
Acrolithus Liu & S. Q. Li, 2022 Phrurolithidae 352, Suppl. 2: 5
Aculithus Liu & S. Q. Li, 2022 Phrurolithidae 352, Suppl. 2: 18
Grandilithus Liu & S. Q. Li, 2022 Phrurolithidae 352, Suppl. 2: 25