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Griotti, M., Grismado, C. J., Roig-Juñent, S. & Ramírez, M. J. (2022). Taxonomy and phylogenetic analysis of the South American genus Petrichus Simon (Araneae: Philodromidae) provide new insights into the running crab spiders' phylogeny. Invertebrate Systematics 36(4): 306-353. doi:10.1071/IS21068 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Misumenoides athleticus Thomisidae 349 (S of Petrichus corticinus) Misumenoides athleticus
Petrichus anomalus Philodromidae 327, f. 1c, 9a-f, 10a-d, 30d (Dmf, T from Bacillocnemis) Petrichus anomalus
Petrichus cinereus Philodromidae 350 (nomen dubium) Petrichus cinereus
Petrichus eremicus Philodromidae 346, f. 5c-d, 6d, 24a-f, 25a-d, 30j (Dmf) Petrichus eremicus
Petrichus fuliginosus Philodromidae 350 (type could not be found, nomen dubium) Petrichus fuliginosus
Petrichus funebris Philodromidae 330, f. 11a-f, 12a-d, 30b (mf) Petrichus funebris
Petrichus griseus Philodromidae 333, f. 13a-f, 14a-e, 30e (Dmf) Petrichus griseus
Petrichus junior Philodromidae 336, f. 1d, 15a-f, 16a-e, 30f (mf, S of Petrichus luteus and P. ornatus) Petrichus junior
Petrichus marmoratus Philodromidae 323, f. 5a-b, 6b-c, 7a-f, 8a-d, 30a (mf) Petrichus marmoratus
Petrichus meridionalis Philodromidae 350 (species inquirenda) Petrichus meridionalis
Petrichus niveus Philodromidae 345, f. 1f, 22a-f, 23a-d, 30i (mf) Petrichus niveus
Petrichus niveus Philodromidae 350 ('most likely a synonym of Petrichus tullgreni', not revalidated) Petrichus signatus
Petrichus patagoniensis Philodromidae 242, f. 17a-f (Dm) Petrichus patagoniensis
Petrichus roigjunenti Philodromidae 342, f. 1a, 18a-f, 19a-d, 30h (Dmf; also spelled roijunenti in the text) Petrichus roigjunenti
Petrichus sordidus Philodromidae 350 (nomen dubium in abstract but not in text, probably S of Petrichus niveus or P. tullgreni, it would be the senior S of the latter, species inquirenda) Petrichus sordidus
Petrichus spira Philodromidae 343, f. 6a, 20a-f, 21a-d, 30c (Dmf) Petrichus spira
Petrichus tobioides Philodromidae 347, f. 1b, e, 26a-f, 27a-d, 30m (m, Df) Petrichus tobioides
Petrichus tullgreni Philodromidae 348, f. 28a-e, 30k (mf, S of Petrichus lancearius) Petrichus tullgreni
Petrichus zonatus Philodromidae 350 (types are juvenile, nomen dubium) Petrichus zonatus
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