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Bosmans, R., Lecigne, S., Benhalima, S. & Abrous-Kherbouche, A. (2022). The genus Lycosoides Lucas, 1846 in the Maghreb region, with the description of five new species (Araneae: Agelenidae). Arachnology 19(Special Issue): 316-340. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Lycosoides coarctata Agelenidae 319, f. 3-13 (mf) Lycosoides coarctata
Lycosoides crassivulva Agelenidae 323, f. 14-32 (mf) Lycosoides crassivulva
Lycosoides flavomaculata Agelenidae 323, f. 24-34 (mf, S of Lycosoides subfasciata, records in the eastern Mediterranean are doubtful) Lycosoides flavomaculata
Lycosoides incisofemoralis Agelenidae 327, f. 35-45 (Dmf) Lycosoides incisofemoralis
Lycosoides instabilis Agelenidae 329, f. 46-55 (mf) Lycosoides instabilis
Lycosoides kabyliana Agelenidae 329, f. 56-65 (Dmf) Lycosoides kabyliana
Lycosoides leprieuri Agelenidae 331, f. 66-75 (m, Df) Lycosoides leprieuri
Lycosoides murphyorum Agelenidae 333, f. 75-85 (Dmf) Lycosoides murphyorum
Lycosoides parva Agelenidae 334, f. 86-95 (Dmf) Lycosoides parva
Lycosoides robertsi Agelenidae 336, f. 96-102 (Dm) Lycosoides robertsi
Lycosoides saiss Agelenidae 337, f. 1-2, 103-112 (Dmf) Lycosoides saiss
Lycosoides variegata Agelenidae 337, f. 113-122 (mf) Lycosoides variegata
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