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Dippenaar-Schoeman, A. S., Haddad, C. R., Foord, S. H. & Lotz, L. N. (2021c). The Archaeidae of South Africa. Version 1. South African National Survey of Arachnida Photo Identification Guide, Irene, 20 pp. doi:10.5281/zenodo.5982745 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Afrarchaea ansieae Archaeidae 6, 3 f. (m, f habitus; lapsus) Afrarchaea ansiae
Afrarchaea bergae Archaeidae 7, 6 f. (m, f habitus) Afrarchaea bergae
Afrarchaea cornuta Archaeidae 8, p. 3: 1 f., p. 8: 7 f. (m, f habitus) Afrarchaea cornuta
Afrarchaea entabeniensis Archaeidae 9, 3 f. (f) Afrarchaea entabeniensis
Afrarchaea fernkloofensis Archaeidae 10, 2 f. (m) Afrarchaea fernkloofensis
Afrarchaea godfreyi Archaeidae 11, 7 f. (m, f habitus) Afrarchaea godfreyi
Afrarchaea harveyi Archaeidae 13, 1 f. (f) Afrarchaea harveyi
Afrarchaea kranskopensis Archaeidae 14, 1 f. (f) Afrarchaea kranskopensis
Afrarchaea lawrencei Archaeidae 15, 2 f. (m) Afrarchaea lawrencei
Afrarchaea ngomensis Archaeidae 17, p. 5: 1 f., p. 17: 4 f. (mf) Afrarchaea ngomensis
Afrarchaea royalensis Archaeidae 18, 4 f. (f) Afrarchaea royalensis
Afrarchaea woodae Archaeidae 19, p. 5: 1 f., p. 19: 5 f. (mf) Afrarchaea woodae
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