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Brescovit, A. D., Zampaulo, R. de A., Cizauskas, I. & Pedroso, L. (2022). Three new subterranean species of the genus Speocera (Araneae, Ochyroceratidae) from caves of the Carajás area in the state of Pará, Brazil. Zootaxa 5169(2): 101-135. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Speocera babau Ochyroceratidae 109, f. 7A-F, 8-F, 9A-F, 10A-F, 11A-F, 18C-D, 20A-D (Dmf) Speocera babau
Speocera pinima Ochyroceratidae 103, f. 1A-F, 2A-F, 3A-F, 4A-D, 5A-F, 6A-D (Dmf) Speocera pinima
Speocera piquira Ochyroceratidae 122, f. 12A-F, 13A-F, 14A-F, 15A-F, 16A-D (Dmf) Speocera piquira
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