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Liao, R. R., Yin, H. Q., He, A. L. & Xu, X. (2022). Description of three new species of the genus Cicurina Menge, 1871 from Guangdong, China (Araneae, Hahniidae). Zootaxa 5188(5): 477-488. doi:10.11646/zootaxa.5188.5.4 download pdf


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Cicurina bifurca Hahniidae 480, f. 2A-F, 3A-C (Dm) Cicurina bifurca
Cicurina spiralis Hahniidae 482, f. 4A-F, 5A-C (Dm) Cicurina spiralis
Cicurina tetragongylodes Hahniidae 484, f. 6A-E, 7A-B (Df) Cicurina tetragongylodes
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