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Silva-Moreira, T. & Hormiga, G. (2022). Revision and phylogenetics of the Neotropical sheet weaving spider genus Diplothyron Millidge, 1991 (Araneae, Linyphiidae) and systematics of the MPME clade. Invertebrate Systematics 36(9): 781-848. doi:10.1071/IS21047 download pdf


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Diplothyron ballesterosi Linyphiidae 793, f. 7a-h, 8a-h, 9a-h, 10a-f, 49h, 50h (Dmf) Diplothyron ballesterosi
Diplothyron chiapasius Linyphiidae 797, f. 11a-h, 12a-h, 13a-i, 14a-f, 49a, 50k (Dm, f, T from Linyphia) Diplothyron chiapasia
Diplothyron dianae Linyphiidae 801, f. 15a-h, 16a-h, 17a-j, 18a-f, 49b, 50b (Dmf) Diplothyron dianae
Diplothyron fuscus Linyphiidae 788, f. 3a-h, 4a-h, 5a-j, 6a-f, 49a, 50a (Dmf) Diplothyron fuscus
Diplothyron linguatulus Linyphiidae 805, f. 19a-h, 20a-h, 21a-h, 22a-f, 49i, 50i (Dm, f, T from Linyphia) Diplothyron linguatulus
Diplothyron monteverde Linyphiidae 807, f. 23a-h, 24a-h, 25a-i, 26a-f, 49c, 50c (Dmf) Diplothyron monteverde
Diplothyron nigritus Linyphiidae 813, f. 27a-h, 28a-h, 29a-j, 30a-f, 49d, 50d (Dm, f, T from Linyphia) Diplothyron nigritus
Diplothyron nubilosus Linyphiidae 818, f. 31a-h, 32a-h, 33a-j, 34a-f, 49e, 50e (Dmf) Diplothyron nubilosus
Diplothyron sandrae Linyphiidae 822, f. 35a-h, 36a-h, 37a-h, 38a-f, 49i, 50i (Dmf) Diplothyron sandrae
Diplothyron simplicata Linyphiidae 825, f. 39a-h, 40a-h, 41a-i, 42a-f, 49f, 50f (m, Df, T from Linyphia) Diplothyron simplicatus
Diplothyron solitarius Linyphiidae 831, f. 43a-c, 44a-h (Df) Diplothyron solitarius
Diplothyron trifalcatus Linyphiidae 833, f. 45a-h, 46a-h, 47a-j, 48a-f (mf, T from Linyphia, S of Linyphia petrunkevitchi and L. xilitla) Diplothyron trifalcatus
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