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Schwendinger, P. J., Huber, S., Lehmann-Graber, C., Ono, H., Aung, M. M. & Hongpadharakiree, K. (2022). A taxonomic revision of the Liphistius birmanicus-group (Araneae: Liphistiidae) with the description of five new species. Revue Suisse de Zoologie 129(2): 375-424. doi:10.35929/RSZ.0083 download pdf


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Liphistius birmanicus Liphistiidae 398, f. 3D-I, 13A-H, 14A-O (mf) Liphistius birmanicus
Liphistius cupreus Liphistiidae 411, f. 2D-I, 21A-N, 22A-P (Dmf) Liphistius cupreus
Liphistius ferox Liphistiidae 392, f. 3A-B, 10A-M, 11A-P, 12A-F (Dmf) Liphistius ferox
Liphistius lahu Liphistiidae 380, f. 4A-J, 5A-I (mf) Liphistius lahu
Liphistius lordae Liphistiidae 406, f. 17A-G, 18A-H (mf) Liphistius lordae
Liphistius metopiae Liphistiidae 382, f. 6A-O, 7A-I (Dmf) Liphistius metopiae
Liphistius pinlaung Liphistiidae 402, f. 3C, 15A-G, 16A-J (mf) Liphistius pinlaung
Liphistius platnicki Liphistiidae 416, f. 2C, 23A-M, 24A-P (Dmf) Liphistius platnicki
Liphistius pyinoolwin Liphistiidae 408, f. 2B, 19A-F, 20A-G (mf) Liphistius pyinoolwin
Liphistius tung Liphistiidae 389, f. 2A, 8A-J, 9A-H (Dmf) Liphistius tung
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