Included taxa

Gravely, F. H. (1915). Notes on Indian mygalomorph spiders. Records of the Indian Museum, Calcutta 11: 257-287. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Adelonychia nigrostriata Barychelidae 263 (S of Adelonychia nigrostriata; turned around by Blick, 2022: 495) Diplothele walshi
Annandaliella travancorica Theraphosidae 271, pl. 15, f. 4 (Dm) Annandaliella travancorica
Haploclastus kayi Theraphosidae 278 (Df) Haploclastus kayi
Heligmomerus biharicus Idiopidae 261, pl. 15, f. 1 (Dm) Idiops biharicus
Macrothele vidua Macrothelidae 286, pl. 15, f. 5 (Dm) Macrothele vidua
Neoheterophrictus bhori Theraphosidae 277 (Df) Plesiophrictus bhori
Plesiophrictus millardi Theraphosidae 274, pl. 15, f. 3 (Dmf) [] Plesiophrictus satarensis
Sahydroaraneus raja Theraphosidae 276 (Dj) Plesiophrictus raja
Sipalolasma arthrapophysis Barychelidae 264, pl. 15, f. 2 (Dm) Sasonichus arthrapophysis
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