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Hogg, H. R. (1915a). Report on the spiders collected by the British Ornithologists' Union Expedition and the Wollaston Expedition in Dutch New Guinea. Transactions of the Zoological Society of London 20: 425-484. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Argiope aetherea Araneidae 444, f. 24 (Dm) Gea rotunda
Borboropactus bituberculatus Thomisidae 461, f. 29 (f) Regillus divergens
Clubiona pseudomaxillata Clubionidae 478, f. 36 (Df) Clubiona pseudomaxillata
Conothele spinosa Halonoproctidae 426, f. 20 (f) Conothele spinosa
Diaea doleschalli Thomisidae 459, f. 28 (Df) Diaea doleschalli
Dolomedes wollastoni Pisauridae 481, f. 37 (Df) Dolomedes wollastoni
Exopalystes pulchellus Sparassidae 473, f. 34 (f) Exopalystes pulchella
Fecenia ochracea Psechridae 437, f. 23 (f) Fecenia cinerea
Heteropoda dasyurina Sparassidae 471, f. 33 (f) Palystes dasyurinus
Leucauge caudata Tetragnathidae 455, f. 27 (f) Leucauge caudata
Neoscona floriata Araneidae 446, f. 25 (f) Araneus floriatus
Neoscona granti Araneidae 448, f. 26 (f) Araneus granti
Neoscona theisi triangulifera Araneidae 451 (Dm) Araneus theisi triangulifera
Nephila pilipes Araneidae 440 Nephila maculata hasselti
Nephila pilipes Araneidae 441 Nephila maculata walckenaeri
Olios artemis Sparassidae 467, f. 31 (replacement name) Olios artemis
Olios princeps Sparassidae 464, f. 30 (f) Olios princeps
Psechrus argentatus Psechridae 434, f. 22 (f) Psechrus castaneus
Selenocosmia lanceolata Theraphosidae 430, f. 21 (f) Selenocosmia lanceolata
Thelcticopis sagittata Sparassidae 476, f. 35 (Dm) Seramba sagittata
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