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Dupérré, N. (2023a). New light on some historical type specimens -in relation to the South American spider (Araneae) fauna-. New Zealand Journal of Zoology 50(1): 118-277. doi:10.1080/03014223.2022.2123835 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Abapeba rufipes Corinnidae 160, f. 28A-C (f, m probably unknown) Abapeba rufipes
Alopecosa lallemandi Lycosidae 173, f. 37A-C (f) Alopecosa lallemandi
Araneus granadensis Araneidae 152, f. 24A-D (f, S of Araneus riveti) Araneus granadensis
Araneus klaptoczi Araneidae 149, f. 22A-C (m) Araneus klaptoczi
Araneus kraepelini Araneidae 151, f. 23A-D (f) Araneus kraepelini
Argyrodes gracilis Theridiidae 219, f. 66A-C, 67A-D (mf) Argyrodes gracilis
Argyrodes sublimis Theridiidae 222, f. 68A-C (f) Argyrodes sublimis
Ariadna boesenbergi Segestriidae 204, f. 57A-D, 58A-E (mf) Ariadna boesenbergii
Ariadna dysderina Segestriidae 207, f. 59A-D (f) Ariadna dysderina
Ariadna thyrianthina Segestriidae 209, f. 60A-E (f) Ariadna thyrianthina
Asianopis ravida Deinopidae 166, f. 33A-D (f) Deinopis ravida
Castianeira scutata Corinnidae 162, f. 29A-C (f) Castianeira scutata
Chrysometa alticola Tetragnathidae 213, f. 62A-F, 63A-C (mf, removed from S of Chrysometa zelotypa, rejecting Levi, 1986a: 152) Chrysometa alticola
Creugas cayanus Corinnidae 156, f. 26A-D (f, T from Abapeba) Creugas cayanus
Deinopis cylindracea Deinopidae 164, f. 31A-B (f) Deinopis cylindracea
Emblyna andesiana Dictynidae 168, f. 34A-C (m, T from Dictyna) Emblyna andesiana
Enoplognatha bidens Theridiidae 223, f. 69A-D (f) Enoplognatha bidens
Euryopis umbilicata Theridiidae 225, f. 70A-D (f) Euryopis umbilicata
Goeldia guayaquilensis Titanoecidae 271, f. 100A-B, 101A-B (m, T from Titanoeca) Goeldia guayaquilensis
Hatitia defonlonguei Anyphaenidae 128, f. 8A-B, 9A-B (f) Hatitia defonlonguei
Hatitia perrieri Anyphaenidae 131, f. 10A-D (f) Hatitia perrieri
Hatitia riveti Anyphaenidae 133, f. 11A-B, 12A-D (mf) Hatitia riveti
Heteropoda rosea Sparassidae 211, f. 61A-B (type is juvenile) Heteropoda rosea
Josa analis Anyphaenidae 136, f. 13A-B, 14A-C (mf) Josa analis
Josa andesiana Anyphaenidae 139, f. 15A-B, 16A-C (mf) Josa andesiana
Josa maura Anyphaenidae 142, f. 17A-B (j) Josa maura
Josa simoni Anyphaenidae 144, f. 18A-B, 19A-C (mf) Josa simoni
Leucauge aureosignata Tetragnathidae 244, f. 80A-E (f, T from Thwaitesia) Leucauge aureosignata
Lygromma simoni Prodidomidae 195, f. 51A-D (f) Lygromma simoni
Mangora karschi Araneidae 170, f. 35A-D, 36A-D (mf, T from Linyphia) Mangora karschi
Neon punctulatus Salticidae 197, f. 52A-C (m) Neon punctulatus
Pardosa fastosa Lycosidae 175, f. 38A-B, 39A-C (mf, S of Pardosa riveti) Pardosa fastosa
Petrichus granadensis Philodromidae 182, f. 44A-D (f) Petrichus griseus
Petrichus marmoratus Philodromidae 187, f. 46A-C, 47A-D (mf) Petrichus marmoratus
Petrichus niveus Philodromidae 189, f. 48A-D, 49A-D (mf) Petrichus niveus
Petrichus tullgreni Philodromidae 185, f. 45A-D (f) Petrichus lancearius
Philodromus austerus Philodromidae 178, f. 40A-B, 41A-B (f, holotype is adult) Philodromus austerus
Philodromus kraepelini Philodromidae 180, f. 42A-B, 43A-B (m) Philodromus kraepelini
Phoroncidia chelys Theridiidae 227, f. 71A-E (f, removed from S of Phoroncidia personata, rejecting Berland, 1929b: 48) Phoroncidia chelys
Phoroncidia personata Theridiidae 229, f. 72A-E (f) Phoroncidia personata
Platnickina mneon Theridiidae 231, 73A-C (f, revalidation of Platnickina adamsoni confirmed) Platnickina mneon
Psecas rubrostriatus Salticidae 199, f. 53A-B, 54A-B (f) Psecas rubrostriatus
Retiro crinitus Macrobunidae 121, f. 1A-C (f) Retiro crinitus
Retiro fulvipes Macrobunidae 122, f. 2A-F (f) Retiro fulvipes
Retiro plagiatus Macrobunidae 123, f. 3A-B (f) Retiro plagiatus
Retiro procerulus Macrobunidae 125, f. 4A-D, 5A-C (mf) Retiro procerulus
Retiro quitensis Macrobunidae 126, f. 6A-D (f) Retiro quitensis
Retiro rhombifer Macrobunidae 127, f. 7A-F (f) Retiro rhombifer
Rhomphaea cometes Theridiidae 234, f. 74A-D (f) Rhomphaea cometes
Scytodes fusca Scytodidae 201, f. 55A-B, 56A-C (S of Scytodes vittata) Scytodes fusca
Sidymella hirsuta Thomisidae 249, f. 83A-B, 84A-B (f) Sidymella hirsuta
Sidymella longipes Thomisidae 252, f. 86A-D (f) Sidymella longipes
Sidymella trapezia Thomisidae 256, f. 88A-B, 89A-B (f) Sidymella trapezia
Socca senicaudata Araneidae 154, f. 25A-D (f) Araneus senicaudatus
Stephanopis bicornis Thomisidae 258, f. 90A-B, 91A-B (f) Stephanopis bicornis
Stephanopis minuta Thomisidae 261, f. 92A-B, 93A-B (f, removed from nomen dubium) Stephanopis minuta
Teminius insularis Miturgidae 158, f. 27A-D (f, S of Abapeba hirta) Teminius insularis
Tetragnatha riveti Tetragnathidae 216, f. 64A-D, 65A-C (mf, removed from S of Tetragnatha jaculator, rejecting Castanheira & Baptista, 2021b: 3047) Tetragnatha riveti
Theridion kraepelini Theridiidae 236, f. 75A-D (f) Theridion kraepelini
Theridion maculiferum Theridiidae 238, f. 76A-C, 77A-B (f) Theridion maculiferum
Theridion mortuale Theridiidae 240, f. 78A-D (f) Theridion mortuale
Theridion pallidulum Theridiidae 242, f. 79A-E (f) Theridion pallidulum
Thwaitesia argenteosquamata Theridiidae 246, f. 81A-D (f) Thwaitesia argenteosquamata
Tibellus tenellus Philodromidae 193, f. 50A-D (f) Tibellus tenellus
Timbuka masseneti Anyphaenidae 146, f. 20A-B, 21A-B (f) Timbuka masseneti
Xysticus ictericus Thomisidae 267, f. 96A-B, 97A-B (f) Xysticus ictericus
Xysticus periscelis Thomisidae 269, f. 98A-B, 99A-B (f, f in ZMH is adult) Xysticus periscelis
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