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Irfan, M., Zhang, Z. S. & Peng, X. J. (2022). Survey of Linyphiidae (Arachnida: Araneae) spiders from Yunnan, China. Megataxa 8(1): 1-292. doi:10.11646/megataxa.8.1.1 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Absconditus acer Linyphiidae 7, f. 1A-D, 2A-G, 3A-C, 4A-C (Dmf; refers to the adjective acer) Absconditus acerus
Amfractus dentefaber Linyphiidae 11, f. 6A-D, 7A-C, 8A-B, 9A-E (Dmf; refers to the adjective dentefaber) Amfractus dentefaberis
Atypena acutalis Linyphiidae 15, f. 11A-D, 12A-C, 13A-D, 14A-B (Dmf; refers to the adjective acutalis) Atypena acutala
Atypena thailandica Linyphiidae 20, f. 15A-C (f) Atypena thailandica
Auriculaiana aeda Linyphiidae 20, f. 17A-D, 18A-C, 19A-F (Dmf; refers to the noun aedis) Auricula aeda
Auriculaiana rutunda Linyphiidae 23, f. 20A-C, 21A-B (Df) Auricula rutunda
Auriculaiana sanchaheensis Linyphiidae 25, f. 22A-C, 23A-B (Df) Auricula sanchaheensis
Auriculaiana triangularis Linyphiidae 26, f. 24A-D, 25A-D, 26A-D, 27A-C, 28A-F (Dmf; refers to the adjective triangularis) Auricula triangulara
Bathyphantes ansulis Linyphiidae 27, f. 30A-D, 31A-C, 32A-D (Dmf; refers to the adjective ansula, but this word is a noun) Bathyphantes ansulis
Bathyphantes gracilis Linyphiidae 40, f. 33A-D (m) Bathyphantes gracilis
Bathyphantes longiscapus Linyphiidae 44, f. 34A-D, 35A-E, 36A-C, 37A-B (Dmf) Bathyphantes longiscapus
Bathyphantes magnus Linyphiidae 46, f. 38A-E, 39A-C, 40A-D (Dmf; refers to the adjective magnus) Bathyphantes magnis
Bolyphantes lishadiensis Linyphiidae 51, f. 42A-D, 43A-B (Df) Bolyphantes lishadiensis
Bolyphantes lushuiensis Linyphiidae 51, f. 44A-D, 45A-B (Df) Bolyphantes lushuiensis
Capsulia tianmushana Linyphiidae 54, f. 47A-D, 48A-D, 49A-F (mf) Capsulia tianmushana
Caviphantes catomidius Linyphiidae 54, f. 51A-D, 52A-E, 53A-C, 54A-F (Dmf; refers to the adjective catomidio, but this is no adjective) Caviphantes catomidius
Caviphantes pseudosaxetorum Linyphiidae 56, f. 55A-C, 56A-B (f) Caviphantes pseudosaxetorum
Ceratinella acutalis Linyphiidae 57, f. 58A-D, 59A-C (Dm; refers to the adjective acutalis) Ceratinella acutalum
Cirrosus atrocaudatus Linyphiidae 58, f. 61A-D, 62A-B (m) Cirrosus atrocaudatus
Collinsia denticulata Linyphiidae 58, f. 64A-D, 65A-C, 66A-D, 67A-G (Dmf) Collinsia denticulata
Collinsia inerrans Linyphiidae 68, f. 68A-D, 69A-C, 70A-E (mf) Collinsia inerrans
Conglin personatus Linyphiidae 69, f. 72A-D, 73A-B (f) Conglin personatus
Cristatus anfractus Linyphiidae 69, f. 75A-D, 76A-C, 77A-F (Dmf; refers to the adjective anfractus, but this word is a noun) Cristatus anfractus
Cristatus makuensis Linyphiidae 72, f. 78A-D, 79A-B, 80A-C, 81A-E (Dmf) Cristatus makuensis
Curtimeticus rutundus Linyphiidae 77, f. 83A-C (Df) Curtimeticus rutundus
Erigone ansula Linyphiidae 79, f. 85A-D, 86A-C, 87A-D (Dmf; refers to the adjective ansula, but this word is a noun) Erigone ansula
Erigone atra Linyphiidae 82, f. 88A-E, 89A-C, 90A-D (mf) Erigone atra
Erigone prominens Linyphiidae 84, f. 91A-D, 92A-C, 93A-D (mf) Erigone prominens
Erigone sinensis Linyphiidae 84, f. 94A-E, 95A-C, 96A-D (mf) Erigone sinensis
Frontinellina gemalakaensis Linyphiidae 84, f. 98A-C (Df) Frontinellina gemalakaensis
Gnathonarium dentatum Linyphiidae 87, f. 100A-F, 101A-F (mf) Gnathonarium dentatum
Gnathonarium gibberum Linyphiidae 88, f. 102A-F, 103A-F (mf) Gnathonarium gibberum
Gnathonarium taczanowskii Linyphiidae 89, f. 104A-C (f) Gnathonarium taczanowskii
Gongylidiellum acerosum Linyphiidae 89, f. 106A-D, 107A-C (Dm; refers to the adjective acerosus) Gongylidiellum acerosus
Gongylidioides laqueus Linyphiidae 90, f. 109A-C, 110A-B (Df) Gongylidioides laqueus
Gongylidioides lingulatus Linyphiidae 91, f. 111A-C, 112A-B (Df) Gongylidioides lingulatus
Gongylidium bifurcatum Linyphiidae 95, f. 114A-D, 115A-C, 116A-F (Dmf; refers to the adjective bifurcatus) Gongylidium bifurcatus
Gongylidium manibus Linyphiidae 101, f. 117A-D, 118A-B (Dm; referes to the adjective manibus, but this is a declined form of the noun manus) Gongylidium manibus
Gracilentus denticulatus Linyphiidae 104, f. 120A-D, 121A-E, 122A-C, 123A-E (Dmf) Gracilentus denticulatus
Gracilentus serratus Linyphiidae 109, f. 124A-C, 125A-B (Df) Gracilentus serratus
Gracilentus tenchongensis Linyphiidae 110, f. 126A-C, 127A-B (Df) Gracilentus tenchongensis
Himalaphantes aduncus Linyphiidae 111, f. 129A-D, 130A-C, 131A-D (Dmf) Himalaphantes aduncus
Himalaphantes auriculus Linyphiidae 119, f. 136A-C, 137A-B (Df; refers to the adjective auricula, but this word is a noun) Himalaphantes auriculus
Himalaphantes azumiensis Linyphiidae 119, f. 132A-D, 133A-C, 134A-D, 135A-B (mf) Himalaphantes azumiensis
Himalaphantes fugongensis Linyphiidae 121, f. 138A-C, 139A-B (Df) Himalaphantes fugongensis
Himalaphantes gyratus Linyphiidae 123, f. 140A-C, 141A-B (Df) Himalaphantes gyratus
Himalaphantes pseudoaduncus Linyphiidae 123, f. 142A-D, 143A-D (Dm) Himalaphantes pseudoaduncus
Himalaphantes pulae Linyphiidae 125, f. 144A-C, 145A-B (Df) Himalaphantes pulae
Himalaphantes zhangmuensis Linyphiidae 128 (T from Lepthyphantes) Himalaphantes zhangmuensis
Houshenzinus tengchongensis Linyphiidae 128, f. 147A-D, 148A-C, 149A-C (Dmf) Houshenzinus tengchongensis
Hylyphantes graminicola Linyphiidae 132, f. 151A-D, 152A-C, 153A-D (mf) Hylyphantes graminicola
Hylyphantes spirellus Linyphiidae 137, f. 154A-D (m) Hylyphantes spirellus
Ketambea acuta Linyphiidae 143, f. 156A-D, 157A-C, 158A-D (mf) Ketambea acuta
Ketambea aseptifera Linyphiidae 143, f. 159A-C, 160A-B (Df) Ketambea aseptifera
Ketambea falcata Linyphiidae 143, f. 161A-C (Df) Ketambea falcata
Ketambea septifera Linyphiidae 143, f. 162A-C, 163A-B (Df) Ketambea septifera
Laogone lunata Linyphiidae 149, f. 165A-D, 166A-C, 167A-F (mf) Laogone lunata
Lepthyphantes baoshanensis Linyphiidae 152, f. 172A-D, 173A-B (Dm; preoccupied by Oi, 1960, see Lepthyphantes serratus) [] Lepthyphantes serratus
Lepthyphantes cordis Linyphiidae 149, f. 169A-C, 170A-C, 171A-D (Dmf) Lepthyphantes cordis
Linyphia gaoshidongensis Linyphiidae 152, f. 175A-C, 176A-B (Df) Linyphia gaoshidongensis
Linyphia pengdangensis Linyphiidae 154, f. 177A-C (Df) Linyphia pengdangensis
Linyphia triangularis Linyphiidae 156, f. 178A-D, 179A-B (f) Linyphia triangularis
Lutosus projectus Linyphiidae 158, f. 181A-D, 182A-E (Dm; refers to the adjective projectus) Lutosus projectis
Megalepthyphantes gongshanensis Linyphiidae 162, f. 184A-D, 185A-D, 186A-D (Dmf) Megalepthyphantes gongshanensis
Megalepthyphantes sanchaheensis Linyphiidae 162, f. 187A-D, 188A-B (Df) Megalepthyphantes sanchaheensis
Mermessus datangensis Linyphiidae 166, f. 190A-D, 191A-C, 192A-F (Dmf) Mermessus datangensis
Microlinyphia pusilla Linyphiidae 168, f. 194A-D, 195A-C, 196A-D (mf) Microlinyphia pusilla
Microlinyphia rehaiensis Linyphiidae 168, f. 197A-C, 198A-B (Df) Microlinyphia rehaiensis
Microlinyphia spiralis Linyphiidae 170, f. 199A-C, 200A-B (Df; refers to the adjective spiralis) Microlinyphia spirala
Molestia ancoraria Linyphiidae 174, f. 202A-C, 203A-B (Df; refers to the adjective ancorarius) Molestia ancorarius
Molestia caudata Linyphiidae 174, f. 204A-D, 205A-D, 206A-C, 207A-F (Dmf; refers to the adjective caudatus) Molestia caudatus
Molestia hamifera Linyphiidae 175, f. 208A-D, 209A-B (mf, T from Lepthyphantes) Molestia hamifer
Molestia yaojiapingensis Linyphiidae 177, f. 210A-C, 211A-B (Df) Molestia yaojiapingensis
Mughiphantes latus Linyphiidae 179, f. 213A-D, 214A-C, 215A-D (Dmf) Mughiphantes latus
Nasoona crucifera Linyphiidae 190, f. 217A-D, 218A-C, 219A-F (mf) Nasoona crucifera
Nasoonaria orthogonia Linyphiidae 190, f. 221A-D, 222A-C, 223A-E (Dmf) Nasoonaria orthogonia
Nasoonaria sinensis Linyphiidae 194, f. 224A-D, 225A-C, 226A-D (mf) Nasoonaria sinensis
Nasoonaria yunnanensis Linyphiidae 194 (T from Walckenaeria) Nasoonaria yunnanensis
Nematogmus cikaiensis Linyphiidae 194, f. 228A-C, 229A-B (Df) Nematogmus cikaiensis
Nematogmus lushuiensis Linyphiidae 199, f. 229C, 230A-C (Df) Nematogmus lushuiensis
Nematogmus membranifer Linyphiidae 201, f. 231A-D, 232A-C, 233A-F (mf) Nematogmus membranifer
Nippononeta coreana Linyphiidae 201, f. 235A-D, 236A-D, 237A-F (mf) Nippononeta coreana
Oia ceratina Linyphiidae 201, f. 239A-D, 240A-D, 241A-C, 242A-D (Dmf; refers to the adjective ceratinus) Oia ceratinum
Paikiniana lurida Linyphiidae 207, f. 244A-D, 245A-C, 246A-D (mf) Paikiniana lurida
Parameioneta bilobata Linyphiidae 207, f. 248A-D, 249A-D, 250A-B (mf) Parameioneta bilobata
Parameioneta tricolorata Linyphiidae 207, f. 251A-C, 252A-B (f) Parameioneta tricolorata
Porrhomma longjiangense Linyphiidae 207, f. 254A-C, 255A-B (f) Porrhomma longjiangense
Prosoponoides bangbieense Linyphiidae 207, f. 257A-C (Df) Prosoponoides bangbieensis
Prosoponoides corneum Linyphiidae 215, f. 258A-D, 259A-C, 260A-D (Dmf) Prosoponoides corneus
Prosoponoides dongshaofangense Linyphiidae 219, f. 261A-C, 262A-B (Df) Prosoponoides dongshaofangensis
Prosoponoides guanduense Linyphiidae 219, f. 263A-C, 264A-B (Df) Prosoponoides guanduensis
Prosoponoides longiprojectum Linyphiidae 221, f. 265A-D, 266A-C, 267A-D (Dmf) Prosoponoides longiprojectus
Prosoponoides longyangense Linyphiidae 228, f. 268A-E (Df) Prosoponoides longyangensis
Prosoponoides minutum Linyphiidae 231, f. 270A-D, 271, 272A-C, 273A-D (Dmf) Prosoponoides minutus
Prosoponoides pianmaense Linyphiidae 233, f. 274A-D (Df) Prosoponoides pianmaensis
Prosoponoides sinense Linyphiidae 238, f. 275A-D, 276A-C, 277A-D (mf) Prosoponoides sinensis
Prosoponoides yakouense Linyphiidae 240, f. 278A-D, 279A-B (Df) Prosoponoides yakouensis
Prosoponoides yani Linyphiidae 240, f. 280A-D, 281A-B (Df) Prosoponoides yani
Prosoponoides yapingense Linyphiidae 243, f. 282A-D, 283A-C, 284A-D (Dmf) Prosoponoides yapingensis
Prosoponoides yunnanense Linyphiidae 252, f. 285A-C (Df) Prosoponoides yunnanensis
Ryojius furcatus Linyphiidae 254, f. 287A-D, 288A-D, 289A-D (Dmf) Ryojius furcatus
Sinisterigone circularis Linyphiidae 259, f. 291A-D, 292A-B, 293A-C, 294A-E (Dmf; referers to the noun circularis, but it is an adjective derivated from the noun circulus) Sinisterigone circularis
Sinisterigone incurvata Linyphiidae 259, f. 295A-C (Df; refers to the adjective incurvatus) Sinisterigone incurvatis
Sinisterigone rutunda Linyphiidae 263, f. 296A-C (Df; refers to the adjective rutundus) Sinisterigone rutundis
Stemonyphantes bifurcatus Linyphiidae 263, f. 298A-D, 299A-C, 300A-D (Dmf) Stemonyphantes bifurcatus
Taibaishanus nankangensis Linyphiidae 267, f. 302A-D, 303A-C (Dm) Taibaishanus nankangensis
Tapinopa longicisterna Linyphiidae 268, f. 305A-F, 306A-C (Df) Tapinopa longicisterna
Tchatkalophantes lingulatus Linyphiidae 271, f. 308A-D, 309A-B (Df; refers to the adjective lingulatis, of which the correct form is lingulatus, lapsus) Tchatkalophantes lingulatis
Theoa hamata Linyphiidae 275, f. 311A-D, 312A-D (m) Theoa hamata
Ummeliata feminea Linyphiidae 275, f. 214A-D, 315A-C, 316A-E (mf) Ummeliata feminea
Ummeliata insecticeps Linyphiidae 375, f. 317A-D, 318A-C, 319A-D (mf) Ummeliata insecticeps
Vietnagone denticulata Linyphiidae 277, f. 321A-D, 322A-C, 323A-C (Dmf) Vietnagone denticulata
Walckenaeria circularis Linyphiidae 283, f. 325A-D, 326A-C, 327A-D (Dmf; refers to the adjective circularis) Walckenaeria circulara
Genus Family Page
Absconditus Irfan, Zhang & Peng, 2022 Linyphiidae 6
Amfractus Irfan, Zhang & Peng, 2022 Linyphiidae 11
Auricula Irfan, Zhang & Peng, 2022 Linyphiidae 20
Cristatus Irfan, Zhang & Peng, 2022 Linyphiidae 69
Gracilentus Irfan, Zhang & Peng, 2022 Linyphiidae 101
Lutosus Irfan, Zhang & Peng, 2022 Linyphiidae 156
Sinisterigone Irfan, Zhang & Peng, 2022 Linyphiidae 256