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Zarikian, N. A. (2022b). New records on Salticidae and Theridiidae (Araneae) spiders from Armenia. Bulletin of the Iraq Natural History Museum 17(2): 169-185. doi:10.26842/binhm.7.2022.17.2.0169 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Ballus rufipes Salticidae 171, f. 1A-C (m) Ballus rufipes
Neon reticulatus Salticidae 172, f. 2A-C (mf) Neon reticulatus
Pellenes brevis Salticidae 172, f. 3A-C (m) Pellenes brevis
Salticus scenicus Salticidae 172, f. 4A-B (m) Salticus scenicus
Steatoda albomaculata Theridiidae 173, f. 7A-B (f) Steatoda albomaculata
Steatoda bipunctata Theridiidae 174, f. 8A-B (f) Steatoda bipunctata
Steatoda grossa Theridiidae 174, f. 10A-B (f) Steatoda grossa
Steatoda paykulliana Theridiidae 175, f. 11A-C (mf) Steatoda paykulliana
Steatoda triangulosa Theridiidae 175, f. 12A-B (f) Steatoda triangulosa
Synageles dalmaticus Salticidae 173, f. 5A-C (f) Synageles dalmaticus
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