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Seropian, A., Otto, S. & Bulbulashvili, N. (2023). Picking pearls from the Silk Road: insights into the spider (Arthropoda, Araneae) diversity in Georgia from the CaBOL project. Part I. Caucasiana 2: 143-159 & Suppl. doi:10.3897/caucasiana.2.e107049 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Aculepeira talishia Araneidae 148, f. 13-15, Suppl.: 4 f. (f) Aculepeira talishia
Amaurobius similis Amaurobiidae 147, f. 6-12, Suppl. 9 f. (f) Amaurobius similis
Gibbaranea gibbosa Araneidae 151, f. 16-19, Suppl.: 2 f. (mf) Gibbaranea gibbosa
Leviellus caspicus Araneidae 154, f. 20-26, 29-35, Suppl.: 7 f. (mf) Leviellus caspicus
Leviellus stroemi Araneidae 154, f. 27-28 (f) Leviellus stroemi
Lycosoides coarctata Agelenidae 145 (S of Lycosoides lehtineni) Lycosoides coarctata
Neoscona spasskyi Araneidae 155, f. 36-38, Suppl.: 3 f. (f) Neoscona spasskyi
Pireneitega armeniaca Agelenidae 146, f. 1A-E, 2A-E, 3A-B, 4-5, Suppl.: 15 f. (mf) Pireneitega armeniaca
Pireneitega spasskyi Agelenidae 147, Suppl.: 4 f. (f) Pireneitega spasskyi
Singa semiatra Araneidae 157, f. 39-42, Suppl.: 1 f. (f) Singa semiatra
Tegenaria chumachenkoi Agelenidae 147, Suppl.: 5 f. (m) Tegenaria chumachenkoi
Tegenaria longimana Agelenidae 147, Suppl.: 2 f. (m) Tegenaria longimana
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