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Marsh, J. R., Stevens, M. I. & Framenau, V. W. (2023). Five new species of mouse spiders in the genus Missulena (Mygalomorphae: Actinopodidae) from national parks and conservation reserves in Western Australia. Australian Journal of Taxonomy 36: 1-2. doi:10.54102/ajt.40aok download pdf


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Missulena durokoppin Actinopodidae 4, f. 2a, 3a-n, 4a-d (Dm) Missulena durokoppin
Missulena gelasinos Actinopodidae 8, f. 2b, 6a-n, 7a-d (Dm) Missulena gelasinos
Missulena ignea Actinopodidae 12, f. 2c, 8a-n, 9a-d (Dm) Missulena ignea
Missulena minima Actinopodidae 15, f. 2d, 11a-n, 12a-d (Dm) Missulena minima
Missulena terra Actinopodidae 18, f. 2e, 13a-n, 14a-d (Dm) Missulena terra
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