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Mousaid, M. & Bouihouline, H. (2023a). First record of Hersilia caudata Savigny, 1825, Tama edwardsi (Lucas, 1846) (Hersiliidae) and Mimetus laevigatus (Keyserling, 1863) (Mimetidae) from Morocco. Serket 19(4): 391-397. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Hersilia caudata Hersiliidae 393, f. 2, 3a-c (f) Hersilia caudata
Mimetus laevigatus Mimetidae 395, f. 5a-c (f) Mimetus laevigatus
Tama edwardsi Hersiliidae 394, f. 4a-b (f) Tama edwardsi
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