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Tucker, R. W. E. (1917). On some South African Aviculariidae (Arachnida). Families Migidae, Ctenizidae, Diplotheleae and Dipluridae. Annals of the South African Museum 17: 79-138. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Allothele australis Euagridae 120, f. 9 (f, Dm) Thelechoris australis
Ancylotrypa cornuta Cyrtaucheniidae 130, f. 12A (m) Ancylotrypa cornuta
Ancylotrypa namaquensis Cyrtaucheniidae 130, f. 12B (m) Pelmatorycter namaquensis
Ancylotrypa pallidipes Cyrtaucheniidae 130, f. 12D (m) Pelmatorycter pallidipes
Ancylotrypa pusilla Cyrtaucheniidae 94, 130, f. 12C (Df) Ancylotrypa pusilla
Ancylotrypa spinosa Cyrtaucheniidae 16 (Df) Ancylotrypa spinosa
Brachytheliscus bicolor Entypesidae 107, f. 5 (mf) Hermacha bicolor
Ekapa curvipes Entypesidae 106 (Df) Hermacha curvipes
Ekapa curvipes Entypesidae 110 (Df) [] Hermacha nigra
Gorgyrella inermis Idiopidae 135 (Df) Gorgyrella inermis
Heligmomerus caffer Idiopidae 125, f. 11e (f) Heligmomerus caffer
Hermacha fulva Entypesidae 109, f. 6 (Dm) Hermacha fulva
Hermacha nigrispinosa Entypesidae 112, f. 7 (Dmf) Hermacha nigrispinosus
Hermacha purcelli Entypesidae 112 (T from Damarchodes) Hermacha purcelli
Hermacha tuckeri Entypesidae 114, f. 8 (Dmf; preoccupied by Simon, 1903, see Hermacha purcelli) [] Hermacha purcelli
Homostola reticulata Bemmeridae 132, f. 13D (f) Stictogaster reticulatus
Homostola zebrina Bemmeridae 97, 132, 136, f. 13A (f) Homostola zebrina
Idiops fryi Idiopidae 125, f. 11d Idiops fryi
Idiops kentanicus Idiopidae 92 (Dm) Idiops kentanicus
Idiops palapyi Idiopidae 90, f. 3 (Dm) Idiops palapyi
Idiops pullus Idiopidae 88, f. 2, 11d (Dm) Idiops pullus
Moggridgea peringueyi Migidae 80 (Dm) Moggridgea peringueyi
Moggridgea peringueyi Migidae 81 (Df) [] Moggridgea latus
Moggridgea terricola Migidae 82, f. 1 (Dm) Moggridgea terricola
Pionothele straminea Pycnothelidae 117 (Df) Pionothele straminea
Pisenor arcturus Barychelidae 118 (Df) Diplothele arcturus
Segregara abrahami Idiopidae 134 Segregara abrahami
Segregara transvaalensis Idiopidae 134 Segregara transvaalensis
Spiroctenus broomi Bemmeridae 101 (Df) Spiroctenus broomi
Spiroctenus cambierae Bemmeridae 98, pl. 9, f. 3 (m, Df) Spiroctenus cambierae
Spiroctenus collinus Bemmeridae 99, pl. 9, f. 4 (mf) Spiroctenus collinus
Spiroctenus gooldi Bemmeridae 104 Spiroctenus gooldi
Spiroctenus pilosus Bemmeridae 102 (Df) Spiroctenus pilosus
Spiroctenus purcelli Bemmeridae 105, pl. 9, f. 6 (Dm) Spiroctenus purcelli
Spiroctenus schreineri Bemmeridae 132, f. 13C (f) Spiroctenus schreineri
Spiroctenus validus Bemmeridae 103, 132, f. 13B, pl. 9, f. 5 (mf) Spiroctenus validus
Stasimopus kentanicus Stasimopidae 85, pl. 9, f. 2 (Dm) Stasimopus kentanicus
Stasimopus nanus Stasimopidae 87 (Df) Stasimopus nanus
Stasimopus purcelli Stasimopidae 84, pl. 9, f. 1 (Dm) Stasimopus purcelli
Thelechoris striatipes Ischnothelidae 123, f. 10 (Dm) Ischnothele gracilis
Genus Family Page
Segregara Tucker, 1917 Idiopidae 125