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Blackwall, J. (1837). Characters of a new genus and some undescribed species of Araneidae. London and Edinburgh Philosophical Magazine and Journal of Science (3) 10(59): 100-105. doi:10.1080/14786443208647870 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Anelosimus vittatus Theridiidae 101 (Dmf) Theridion formosum
Arctosa cinerea Lycosidae 104 (Dmf) Lycosa leucophaea
Oonops pulcher Oonopidae 100 (Df) Deletrix exilis
Paidiscura pallens Theridiidae 101 (Dm) Epeira nubila
Philodromus collinus Philodromidae 102 (Df) Philodromus variatus
Philodromus mistus Philodromidae 103 (Dmf) Philodromus mistus
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