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Isaia, M., Nicolosi, G., Infuso, A. & Ribera, C. (2023). Two new subterranean Typhlonesticus (Araneae: Nesticidae) from the Alps with notes on their ecology, distribution and conservation. Arthropod Systematics & Phylogeny 81: 801-818. doi:10.3897/asp.81.e106948 download pdf


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Typhlonesticus angelicus Nesticidae 804, f. 2A-E, 5A, C, 7A (Dmf) Typhlonesticus angelicus
Typhlonesticus idriacus Nesticidae 812, f. 5E, G (mf) Typhlonesticus idriacus
Typhlonesticus morisii Nesticidae 810, f. 4A-E, 5F, H, 7B (mf) Typhlonesticus morisii
Typhlonesticus santinellii Nesticidae 807, f. 3A-E, 5B, D, 7C (Dmf) Typhlonesticus santinellii
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