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Jang, C. M., Lee, S. Y., Yoo, J. S., Bae, Y. S. & Kim, S. T. (2023e). Six new records of running crab spiders of the genus Tibellus with four new species (Araneae: Philodromidae) from Korea. Animal Systematics, Evolution and Diversity 39(4): 272-283. doi:10.5635/ASED.2023.39.4.044 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Tibellus deokjeok Philodromidae 273, f. 1A-L (Dmf) Tibellus deokjeok
Tibellus fengi Philodromidae 275, f. 2A-H (f) Tibellus fengi
Tibellus gimcheon Philodromidae 276, f. 3A-H (Dm) Tibellus gimcheon
Tibellus japonicus Philodromidae 278, f. 4A-H (m) Tibellus japonicus
Tibellus sihwa Philodromidae 278, f. 5A-L (Dmf) Tibellus sihwa
Tibellus yeongdong Philodromidae 281, f. 6A-H (Dm) Tibellus yeongdong
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