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Bertani, R. (2023b). Taxonomic revision and cladistic analysis of Lasiodora C. L. Koch, 1850 (Araneae, Theraphosidae) with notes on related genera. Zootaxa 5390(1): 1-116. doi:10.11646/zootaxa.5390.1.1 download pdf


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Acanthoscurria insubtilis Theraphosidae 106, f. 289-290 (f, S of Lasiodora boliviana) Acanthoscurria insubtilis
Acanthoscurria melloleitaoi Theraphosidae 109, f. 297-299 (Df, T from Lasiodora, replacement name) Acanthoscurria melloleitaoi
Crypsidromus brevibulbus Theraphosidae 107 (T from Lasiodora) Crypsidromus brevibulbus
Crypsidromus carinatus Theraphosidae 107 (T from Lasiodora) Crypsidromus carinatus
Crypsidromus icecu Theraphosidae 107 (T from Lasiodora) Crypsidromus icecu
Crypsidromus isabellinus Theraphosidae 105, f. 285-288 (f, T from Lasiodora, S of Proshapalopus anomalus) Crypsidromus isabellinus
Crypsidromus multicuspidatus Theraphosidae 106 (T from Proshapalopus) Crypsidromus multicuspidatus
Crypsidromus nondescriptus Theraphosidae 105 (T from Proshapalopus, by S of the genus) Crypsidromus nondescriptus
Crypsidromus puriscal Theraphosidae 107 (T from Lasiodora) Crypsidromus puriscal
Crypsidromus rubitarsus Theraphosidae 108 (T from Lasiodora) Crypsidromus rubitarsus
Lasiodora bahiensis Theraphosidae 103 (removed from S of Lasiodora klugi, rejecting Mello-Leitão, 1921b: 345, nomen dubium) Lasiodora bahiensis
Lasiodora benedeni Theraphosidae 43, f. 14, 75-122 (mf, S of Lasiodora cristata, L. curtior, L. differens, L. difficilis, L. erythrocythara and L. mariannae) Lasiodora benedeni
Lasiodora camurujipe Theraphosidae 78, f. 10, 203-222 (Dmf) Lasiodora camurujipe
Lasiodora citharacantha Theraphosidae 104 (nomen dubium) Lasiodora citharacantha
Lasiodora cryptostigma Theraphosidae 104 (nomen dubium) Lasiodora cryptostigma
Lasiodora dolichosterna Theraphosidae 104 (nomen dubium) Lasiodora dolichosterna
Lasiodora fallax Theraphosidae 102 (nomen dubium) Lasiodora fallax
Lasiodora fracta Theraphosidae 104 (nomen dubium) Lasiodora fracta
Lasiodora franciscana Theraphosidae 93, f. 3-7, 11, 255-282 (mf) Lasiodora franciscana
Lasiodora klugi Theraphosidae 13, f. 13, 19-21, 23-72 (mf, S of Lasiodora itabunae) Lasiodora klugi
Lasiodora moreni Theraphosidae 102 (nomen dubium) Lasiodora moreni
Lasiodora pantherina Theraphosidae 103 (nomen dubium) Lasiodora pantherina
Lasiodora parahybana Theraphosidae 58, f. 8, 125-162 (mf, S of Lasiodora acanthognatha) Lasiodora parahybana
Lasiodora pleoplectra Theraphosidae 104 (nomen dubium) Lasiodora pleoplectra
Lasiodora saeva Theraphosidae 102 (nomen dubium) Lasiodora saeva
Lasiodora sertaneja Theraphosidae 84, f. 9, 225-252 (Dmf) Lasiodora sertaneja
Lasiodora striatipes Theraphosidae 102 (nomen dubium) Lasiodora striatipes
Lasiodora subcanens Theraphosidae 68, f. 12, 165-200 (mf, S of Lasiodora dulcicola) Lasiodora subcanens
Megaphobema lakoi Theraphosidae 108, f. 291-296 (m, T from Lasiodora) Megaphobema lakoi
Theraphosa spinipes Theraphosidae 109 (T from Lasiodora) Theraphosa spinipes
Vitalius chromatus Theraphosidae 110 (T from Nhandu) Vitalius chromatus
Vitalius sorocabae Theraphosidae 110 (S of Nhandu sylviae) Vitalius sorocabae
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