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Bellvert, A., Dimitrov, D., Zamani, A. & Arnedo, M. A. (2024). Integrating museum collections and molecules reveals genus-level synonymy and new species in red devil spiders (Araneae, Dysderidae) from the Middle East and Central Asia. European Journal of Taxonomy 921: 201-235. doi:10.5852/ejt.2024.921.2429 download pdf


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Dysdera caspica Dysderidae 216, f. 3-5 (m, T from Dysderella) Dysdera caspica
Dysdera elburzica Dysderidae 218 (T from Dysderella) Dysdera elburzica
Dysdera festai Dysderidae 228, f. 26-33 (m) Dysdera festai
Dysdera jaegeri Dysderidae 218, f. 6-8 (Dm) Dysdera jaegeri
Dysdera kourosh Dysderidae 224, f. 18-20 (Dm) Dysdera kourosh
Dysdera naouelae Dysderidae 220, f. 9-14 (Dmf) Dysdera naouelae
Dysdera sancticedri Dysderidae 226, f. 21-25 (m, T from Dasumia) Dysdera sancticedri
Dysdera tartarica Dysderidae 222, f. 15-17 (m) Dysdera tartarica
Dysdera transcaspica Dysderidae 218 (T from Dysderella) Dysdera transcaspica
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