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Zhou, Y., Bian, D. J., Yang, Z. Z., Zhang, Z. S., Tong, Y. F. & Li, S. Q. (2024). Four new species and one newly-recorded species of the genus Opopaea Simon, 1892 (Araneae, Oonopidae) from southern China, with a key to Chinese species. Zoosystematics and Evolution 100(2): 325-347. doi:10.3897/zse.100.120305 download pdf


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Opopaea foveolata Oonopidae 328, f. 1A-G, 2A-H, 3A-K (mf) Opopaea foveolata
Opopaea mangun Oonopidae 328, f. 4A-H, 5A-H, 6A-K, 16A-B (Dmf) Opopaea mangun
Opopaea taibao Oonopidae 329, f. 7A-H, 8AH-, 9-K, 16C-D (Dmf) Opopaea taibao
Opopaea wenshan Oonopidae 338, f. 10A-G, 11A-H, 12A-K, 16E-F (Dmf) Opopaea wenshan
Opopaea yuhuang Oonopidae 338, f. 13A-H, 14A-H, 15A-K, 16G-H (Dmf) Opopaea yuhuang
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