Included taxa

Hewitt, J. (1919b). Descriptions of new South African Araneae and Solifugae. Annals of the Transvaal Museum 6: 63-111. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Allothele australis Euagridae 95, f. 10a-b (mf) Evagrus caffer australis
Ancylotrypa breyeri Cyrtaucheniidae 91, f. 9, pl. 2, f. c (Dmf) Pelmatorycter breyeri
Ancylotrypa tookei Cyrtaucheniidae 92 (Dm) Pelmatorycter tookei
Augacephalus breyeri Theraphosidae 102 (Df) Pterinochilus breyeri
Ceratogyrus brachycephalus Theraphosidae 103, pl. 1, f. a-c (Df) Ceratogyrus brachycephalus
Ceratogyrus dolichocephalus Theraphosidae 104, pl. 1d (Df, not m, pl. 2a =C. marshalli) Ceratogyrus dolichocephalus
Ceratogyrus marshalli Theraphosidae 104, pl. 2a (m only, misidentified) Ceratogyrus dolichocephalus
Diores godfreyi Zodariidae 105, f. 13a-c (Df) Diores godfreyi
Galeosoma coronatum Idiopidae 81, f. 4e, pl. 4, f. a (f) Galeosoma coronatum
Galeosoma coronatum sphaeroideum Idiopidae 82 (Df) Galeosoma coronatum sphaeroideum
Galeosoma crinitum Idiopidae 80 (Df) Galeosoma robertsi crinitum
Galeosoma mossambicum Idiopidae 78, f. a-b (Df) Galeosoma mossambicum
Galeosoma planiscutatum Idiopidae 79, f. 4d (Df) Galeosoma planiscutatum
Galeosoma pluripunctatum Idiopidae 81, pl. 4, f. d (Df) Galeosoma pluripunctatum
Galeosoma robertsi Idiopidae 82, pl. 4, f. b (j) Galeosoma robertsi
Galeosoma vandami circumjunctum Idiopidae 80 (Df) Galeosoma vandami circumjunctum
Idiops flaveolus Idiopidae 107 (Dm) Acanthodon flaveolus
Idiops gracilipes Idiopidae 68 (Dmf) Acanthodon gracilipes
Idiops hepburni Idiopidae 73 (Dmf) Acanthodon hepburni
Idiops hirsutus Idiopidae 69 (Dmf) Acanthodon hirsutus
Idiops monticoloides Idiopidae 67 (Dmf) Acanthodon monticoloides
Idiops mossambicus Idiopidae 72 (Dmf) Acanthodon mossambicus
Idiops nigropilosus Idiopidae 70, f. 3 (Dmf) Acanthodon nigropilosus
Idiothele nigrofulva Theraphosidae 98, f. 11, 12a, pl. 2, f. 6 (mf) Idiothele nigrofulvus
Pterinochilus lugardi Theraphosidae 101, f. 12b (Df) Idiothele pluridentatum
Spiroctenus curvipes Bemmeridae 88, f. 8a-c, pl. 3, f. d-e (Dmf) Spiroctenus curvipes
Spiroctenus londinensis Bemmeridae 86, 107, f. 7a-b (Dmf) Spiroctenus londinensis
Spiroctenus marleyi Bemmeridae 83, f. 5 (Dmf) Spiroctenus marleyi
Spiroctenus spinipalpis Bemmeridae 84, f. 6a-b, pl. 3, f. b (Dm) Spiroctenus spinipalpis
Stasimopus nigellus Stasimopidae 93 (Df) Stasimopus nigellus
Stasimopus tysoni Stasimopidae 93 (Dmf) Stasimopus tysoni
Genus Family Page
Idiothele Hewitt, 1919 Theraphosidae 96