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Vanuytven, H., Jocqué, R. & Deeleman-Reinhold, C. (2024). Two new theridiid genera from Southeast Asia (Araneae: Theridiidae, Argyrodinae): males with a nose for courtship. Journal of the Belgian Arachnological Society 39(1, supplement): 1-96. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Rhinocosmetus argentatus Theridiidae 13, f. 4H, 5D, 6C, 8A-G, 9, 10A-E (Dmf) Rhinocosmetus argentatus
Rhinocosmetus atropyga Theridiidae 17, f. 4L, 5K, 6L, 11A-F, 12A-E, 13, 14A-E (Dmf) Rhinocosmetus atropyga
Rhinocosmetus carnicobarensis Theridiidae 89, f. 7A (m, T from Faiditus, removed from S of Rhinocosmetus xiphias, rejecting Yoshida, 1993d: 83) Rhinocosmetus carnicobarensis
Rhinocosmetus cochleatus Theridiidae 21, f. 4K, 5F, 6D, 15A-G, 16A-C, 17, 18A-E (Dmf) Rhinocosmetus cochleatus
Rhinocosmetus djojosudharmoi Theridiidae 25, f. 4C, 5L, 19A-F, 20 (Dm) Rhinocosmetus djojosudharmoi
Rhinocosmetus dolichogaster Theridiidae 27, f. 6J, 21A-E (Df) Rhinocosmetus dolichogaster
Rhinocosmetus dolichorhinus Theridiidae 29, f. 4G, 5I, 6G, 22A-G, 23A-C, 24, 25A-F (Dmf) Rhinocosmetus dolichorhinus
Rhinocosmetus gretathunbergae Theridiidae 34, f. 4B, 5H, 6F, 26A-F, 27A-C, 28, 29A-H (Dmf) Rhinocosmetus gretathunbergae
Rhinocosmetus gunungleuser Theridiidae 39, f. 6I, 30A-C (Df) Rhinocosmetus gunungleuser
Rhinocosmetus lombok Theridiidae 41, f. 4F, 5C, 31A-F, 32 (Dm) Rhinocosmetus lombok
Rhinocosmetus megarhinus Theridiidae 43, f. 2B, 4E, 5B, 6B, 33A-G, 32A-D, 33, 34A-D (Dmf) Rhinocosmetus megarhinus
Rhinocosmetus nasicornis Theridiidae 48, f. 4A, 5G, 6E, 37A-F, 38A, 39, 40A-F (Dmf) Rhinocosmetus nasicornis
Rhinocosmetus nasutus Theridiidae 89, f. 7B (m, T from Argyrodes) Rhinocosmetus nasutus
Rhinocosmetus pinocchio Theridiidae 52, f. 4L, 5E, 41A-H, 42 (Dm) Rhinocosmetus pinocchio
Rhinocosmetus skoliorhinus Theridiidae 54, f. 4I, 5J, 6H, 43A-F, 44, 45A-E (Dmf) Rhinocosmetus skoliorhinus
Rhinocosmetus sumba Theridiidae 58, f. 2A, 6K, 72A-D (Df) Rhinocosmetus sumba
Rhinocosmetus xiphias Theridiidae 60, 89, 90, f. 4D, 5A, 6A, 47A-I, 48A-D, 49, 50A-D (mf, T from Faiditus, S of Faiditus levii confirmed) Rhinocosmetus xiphias
Rhinoliparus kulczynskii Theridiidae 69, f. 52B-C, 53B, 54C, 55A-F, 56A-H, 57A-B, 58, 59A-L (mf, T from Argyrodes) Rhinoliparus kulczynskii
Rhinoliparus lanyuensis Theridiidae 90 (T from Argyrodes) Rhinoliparus lanyuensis
Rhinoliparus mertoni Theridiidae 90 (T from Argyrodes, probable senior S of Rhinoliparus missai) Rhinoliparus mertoni
Rhinoliparus missai Theridiidae 75, f. 52D, 53C, 54B, 60A-G, 61, 62A-E (Dmf) Rhinoliparus missai
Rhinoliparus nafithiamae Theridiidae 79, f. 52A, 53A, 54A, 63A-G, 64A-D, 65, 66A-G (Dmf) Rhinoliparus nafithiamae
Rhinoliparus neocaledonicus Theridiidae 90 (T from Argyrodes) Rhinoliparus neocaledonicus
Rhinoliparus platyrhinus Theridiidae 84, f. 52F, 53E, 67A-G, 68 (Dm) Rhinoliparus platyrhinus
Rhinoliparus queensland Theridiidae 86, f. 52E, 53D, 69A-G, 70A-D, 71 (Dm) Rhinoliparus queensland
Rhinoliparus rainbowi Theridiidae 90 (T from Argyrodes) Rhinoliparus rainbowi
Genus Family Page
Rhinocosmetus Vanuytven, Jocqué & Deeleman-Reinhold, 2024 Theridiidae 5
Rhinoliparus Vanuytven, Jocqué & Deeleman-Reinhold, 2024 Theridiidae 65