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Maddison, W. P. (2024). Hivanua, a new genus of harmochirine jumping spiders from the Marquesas Islands (Araneae, Salticidae, Harmochirina). ZooKeys 1200: 215-230. doi:10.3897/zookeys.1200.120868 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Hivanua flavipes Salticidae 220, f. 3-4 (f, T from Havaika) Hivanua flavipes
Hivanua nigrescens Salticidae 220, f. 5-6 (f, T from Plexippus, elevated from subspecies of P. paykulli) Hivanua nigrescens
Hivanua nigrolineata Salticidae 220, f. 7-8 (f, T from Havaika) Hivanua nigrolineata
Hivanua rufescens Salticidae 222, f. 11-14 (m, T from Habronattus) Hivanua rufescens
Hivanua tekao Salticidae 224, f. 15-22, 27-30, cf.: 23-26, 31-38 (Dmf) Hivanua tekao
Hivanua triangulifer Salticidae 220, f. 9-10 (f, T from Havaika) Hivanua triangulifera
Genus Family Page
Hivanua Maddison, 2024 Salticidae 220