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Fusco, T., Fattorini, S., Fortini, L., Ruzzier, E. & Di Giulio, A. (2024). Ground spiders (Chelicerata, Araneae) of an urban green space: intensive sampling in a protected area of Rome (Italy) reveals a high diversity and new records to the Italian territory. Biodiversity Data Journal 12(e122896): 1-181. doi:10.3897/BDJ.12.e122896 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Dysdera bottazziae Dysderidae 16, f. 3a-d (m) Dysdera bottazziae
Dysdera romana Dysderidae 25, f. 4a-b, 5a-d (m) Dysdera romana
Euryopis dentigera Theridiidae 137, f. 10a-b, 11 (f) Euryopis dentigera
Euryopis sexalbomaculata Theridiidae 140, f. 12a-b, 13 (f) Euryopis cfr sexalbomaculata
Pelecopsis digitulus Linyphiidae 66, f. 7a-b, 8 (f) Pelecopsis digitulus
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