Included taxa

Emerton, J. H. (1920). Catalogue of the spiders of Canada known to the year 1919. Transactions of the Royal Canadian Institute, Toronto 12: 309-338. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Agnyphantes arboreus Linyphiidae 318 Lepthyphantes arborea
Collinsia perplexa Linyphiidae 316 Gongylidium perplexus
Hilaira herniosa Linyphiidae 316 Hilaira curvitarsis
Poeciloneta fructuosa Linyphiidae 319 Lepthyphantes occidentalis
Tenuiphantes zebra Linyphiidae 319 Lepthyphantes zebra
Zornella armata Linyphiidae 315 Gongylidium armatum
No genus found for this reference