Included taxa

Mello-Leitão, C. F. de (1921b). On the genus Lasiodora, C. Koch. Annals and Magazine of Natural History (9) 8: 337-350. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Lasiodora acanthognatha Theraphosidae 339 (Df) Lasiodora acanthognatha
Lasiodora citharacantha Theraphosidae 342 (Df) Lasiodora citharacantha
Lasiodora cryptostigma Theraphosidae 342 (Df) Lasiodora cryptostigma
Lasiodora difficilis Theraphosidae 345 (Dmf) Lasiodora difficilis
Lasiodora dolichosterna Theraphosidae 348 (Df) Lasiodora dolichosterna
Lasiodora dulcicola Theraphosidae 340 (Df) Lasiodora dulcicola
Lasiodora erythrocythara Theraphosidae 347 (Df) Lasiodora erythrocythara
Lasiodora fracta Theraphosidae 343 (Df) Lasiodora fracta
Lasiodora itabunae Theraphosidae 349 (Df) Lasiodora itabunae
Lasiodora mariannae Theraphosidae 341 (Dmf) Lasiodora mariannae
Lasiodora pleoplectra Theraphosidae 347 (Df) Lasiodora pleoplectra
Lasiodora subcanens Theraphosidae 344 (Dm) Lasiodora subcanens
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