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Emerton, J. H. (1923). New spiders from Canada and the adjoining states, No. 3. The Canadian Entomologist 55(10): 238-243. doi:10.4039/Ent55238-10 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Ceratinops inflatus Linyphiidae 243, f. 9 (Dmf) Lophocarenum inflatum
Coreorgonal bicornis Linyphiidae 242, f. 7 (Dmf) Delorrhipis bicornis
Cybaeus eutypus Cybaeidae 240, f. 5c (m, misidentified) Cybaeus morosus
Cybaeus morosus Cybaeidae 240, f. 5e-f (m, misidentified, not f. 5d) Cybaeus signifer
Cybaeus reticulatus Cybaeidae 240, f. 4 (mf) Cybaeus reticulatus
Cybaeus signifer Cybaeidae 240, f. 5a-b (m, misidentified) Cybaeus morosus
Cybaeus signifer Cybaeidae 240, f. 5d (f, not f. 5e-f) Cybaeus signifer
Gnathonarium taczanowskii Linyphiidae 238, f. 2a-c (Dm) [] Gongylidium columbianum
Gnathonaroides pedalis Linyphiidae 239, f. 2 (Dm) Araeoncus pedalis
Grammonota gentilis Linyphiidae 240, f. 3 (Dmf) [] Grammonota spinimana
Metopobactrus pacificus Linyphiidae 238, f. 1 (Dm; N.B.: listed under Micrargus by Buckle et al., 2001: 132; see also Micrargus aleuticus) Metopobactrus pacificus
Symmigma minimum Linyphiidae 243, f. 8 (Dmf) Lophocarenum minimum
Walckenaeria lepida Linyphiidae 242, f. 6 (Dm) [] Cornicularia pacifica
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