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Emerton, J. H. (1925). New spiders from Canada and the adjoining states, No. 4. The Canadian Entomologist 57(3): 65-69. doi:10.4039/Ent5765-3 download pdf


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Allomengea dentisetis Linyphiidae 68, f. 5a-e (Dmf) [] Linyphia ontariensis
Ceratinopsis labradorensis Linyphiidae 66, f. 1 (Dm) Ceratinopsis labradorensis
Grammonota maritima Linyphiidae 67, f. 3 (Dmf) Grammonota maritima
Pellenes peninsularis Salticidae 68, f. 6 (Dm) Pellenes peninsularis
Sisis rotundus Linyphiidae 67, f. 3 (Dmf) Lophocarenum rotundum
Soucron arenarium Linyphiidae 66, f. 2 (Dmf) Gongylidium arenarium
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