Included taxa

Hickman, V. V. (1929). Studies in Tasmanian spiders. Part III. Papers and Proceedings of the Royal Society of Tasmania 1928: 96-118. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Ariadna major Segestriidae 100, f. 2 (Df) Ariadna major
Ariadna muscosa Segestriidae 103, f. 3 (Dmf) Ariadna muscosa
Australomimetus audax Mimetidae 107, pl. 17, f. 4-5 (Df) Mimetus audax
Australomimetus aurioculatus Mimetidae 110, f. 6-7 (Dmf) Mimetus aurioculatus
Australomimetus tasmaniensis Mimetidae 114, f. 8-9 (Dmf) Ero tasmaniensis
Migas nitens Migidae 96, f. 1, pl. 15 (f, Dm) Migas nitens
Teranodes montanus Hexathelidae 100, pl. 16, f. 1-2 Hexathele montanus
No genus found for this reference