Included taxa

Reimoser, E. (1929a). Spolia Mentaweiensia. Araneae. Bulletin of the Raffles Museum Singapore 2: 125-133. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Acantheis longiventris Ctenidae 130 (Df) Acantheis longiventris
Maripanthus smedleyi Salticidae 130, f. 4 (Df) Bavia smedleyi
Pancorius naevius Salticidae 132 (Df) Pancorius naevius
Pseudamycus albomaculatus Salticidae 132 (Df) Pseudamycus albomaculatus
Spariolenus taeniatus Sparassidae 129 (Df) Spariolenus taeniatus
Thelcticopis karnyi Sparassidae 128, f. 3 (Df) Thelcticopis karnyi
Thelcticopis klossi Sparassidae 127, f. 2 (Df) Thelcticopis klossi
Thelcticopis modesta Sparassidae 125, f. 1, 3 (f) Thelcticopis modesta
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