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Gravely, F. H. (1931). Some Indian spiders of the families Ctenidae, Sparassidae, Selenopidae and Clubionidae. Records of the Indian Museum, Calcutta 33(3): 211-282. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Acantheis indicus Ctenidae 326, f. 3D-E (Df) Acantheis indicus
Anahita denticulata Ctenidae 231, f. 1A, 2A (mf) Ctenus denticulatus
Apochinomma nitidum Corinnidae 276 (Df) Apochinomma nitidum
Bhutaniella sikkimensis Sparassidae 255, f. 9J, 12A-B (Dmf) Heteropoda sikkimensis
Bowie andamanensis Ctenidae 232, f. 2D (Df) Ctenus andamanensis
Bowie ceylonensis Ctenidae 232, f. 2B-C (f) Ctenus ceylonensis
Bowie cochinensis Ctenidae 235, f. 1E, 3C (Dmf) Ctenus cochinensis
Bowie corniger Ctenidae 236, f. 1F (m) Ctenus corniger
Bowie floweri Ctenidae 235, f. 1D (m) Ctenus floweri
Bowie himalayensis Ctenidae 234, f. 1C, 3B (Dmf) Ctenus himalayensis
Bowie indicus Ctenidae 234, f. 2J-K (Df; f f. 2L see Bowie narashinhai) Ctenus indicus
Bowie narashinhai Ctenidae 234, f. 2L (f; misidentified per Jäger, 2022: 43) Ctenus indicus
Bowie sikkimensis Ctenidae 232, f. 1D, 2F-H (Dmf) Ctenus sikkimensis
Bowie simplex Ctenidae 234, f. 3A (f, misidentified) Ctenus trabifer
Bowie thorelli Ctenidae 232, f. 2E (f) Ctenus thorellii
Cambalida flavipes Corinnidae 275, f. 20D-E (Dmf) Castaneira flavipes
Cambalida kambakamensis Corinnidae 271, f. 19D (Dm) Sphingius kambakamensis
Castianeira albopicta Corinnidae 275 (Dj) Castaneira albopicta
Castianeira zetes Corinnidae 273, f. 20A-B (f, Dm) Castaneira zetes
Cheiracanthium himalayense Cheiracanthiidae 264, f. 17E-F (Dmf) Cheiracanthium himalayensis
Cheiracanthium indicum Cheiracanthiidae 266, f. 17G (m) Cheiracanthium indicum
Cheiracanthium insigne Cheiracanthiidae 266, f. 17L-M (mf) Chiracanthium insigne
Cheiracanthium melanostomum Cheiracanthiidae 264, f. 17 C-D (mf) Chiracanthium melanostomum
Cheiracanthium murinum Cheiracanthiidae 263, f. 17A-B (f, Dm) Chiracanthium murina
Cheiracanthium rupicola Cheiracanthiidae 265, f. 17J-K (mf; f. 17J misidentified per Dankittipakul & Beccaloni, 2012: 83; f. 17K misidentified per Esyunin & Zamani, 2020: 1309) Chiracanthium trivialis
Cheiracanthium triviale Cheiracanthiidae 265, f. 17H (f; for the other figs see Cheiracanthium rupicola) Chiracanthium trivialis
Clubiona analis Clubionidae 261, f. 16C (f) Clubiona analis
Clubiona concinna Clubionidae 261, f. 16A (m) Clubiona concinna
Clubiona drassodes Clubionidae 262, f. 16E-F (f, Dm) Clubiona drassodes
Clubiona filicata Clubionidae 261, f. 16D (f) Clubiona filicata
Clubiona melanosticta Clubionidae 261, f. 16B (f) Clubiona melanothele
Coenoptychus pulcher Corinnidae 276, f. 20G (f) Coenoptychus pulcher
Corinnomma severum Corinnidae 275, f. 20C (Df) [] Castaneira himalayensis
Corinnomma severum Corinnidae 276, f. 20F (f) Corinnomma harmandi
Eusparassus xerxes Sparassidae 240, f. 5A, 6A (mf, S of Sparassus maynardi and S. pearsoni, both revalidated by Moradmand & Jäger, 2012a: 2485, 2488) Olios xerxes
Gnathopalystes flavidus Sparassidae 258, f. 14A-B (f, Dm) Palystes flavidus
Gnathopalystes kochi Sparassidae 259, f. 14C-D (mf) Palystes kochi
Heteropoda armillata Sparassidae 238, f. 4A (Df) Isopeda armillata
Heteropoda boiei Sparassidae 257, f. 13A-B (mf) Parhedrus boiei
Heteropoda kandiana Sparassidae 249, f. 9A, 11A-B (f, Dm) Heteropoda kandiana
Heteropoda leprosa Sparassidae 252, f. 9D-H, 11C-J (mf) Heteropoda leprosa
Heteropoda lunula Sparassidae 246, f. 8C (f) Torania gloriosa
Heteropoda sexpunctata Sparassidae 250, f. 9B, 10A-C (mf) Heteropoda sexpunctata
Heteropoda venatoria Sparassidae 251, f. 9C, 10D (mf) Heteropoda venatoria
Inthaeron longipes Cithaeronidae 270, f. 19A-B (Dmf) Sphingius longipes
Makdiops montigena Selenopidae 260, f. 15D (f) Selenops montigenus
Makdiops shevaroyensis Selenopidae 259, f. 15C (Dm) Selenops shevaroyensis
Oedignatha scrobiculata Liocranidae 268, f. 18C-D (f, Dm) Oedignatha scrobiculata
Olios lamarcki Sparassidae 241, f. 5B, 6B-C (mf) Olios lamarcki
Olios milleti Sparassidae 244, f. 5G, 6F (m, Df) Olios milleti
Olios obesulus Sparassidae 245, f. 5J, 6H (f, Dm) Olios obesulus
Olios punctipes Sparassidae 242, f. 5D, 6E (mf, S of Olios impudicus) Olios punctipes
Olios stimulator Sparassidae 242, f. 5C, 6D (f, Dm) Olios iranii
Olios tener Sparassidae 244, f. 5H, 6G (m, Df) Olios tener
Olios wroughtoni Sparassidae 244, f. 5F (m) Olios wroughtoni
Palicanus caudatus Miturgidae 267, f. 18A-B (Dmf) [] Syrisca barkudensis
Pseudopoda prompta Sparassidae 256, f. 9K (m) Heteropoda smythiesi
Pseudopoda prompta Sparassidae 256, f. 9L-O, 12C-E (mf, S of H. casaria; revalidated by Jäger, 2001b: 39) Heteropoda prompta
Rhitymna pinangensis Sparassidae 243 (Df) Olios pinangensis
Selenops radiatus Selenopidae 259, f. 15A-B (mf) Selenops radiatus
Spariolenus tigris Sparassidae 257, f. 13C-D (f, Dm) Spariolenus tigris
Spariolenus tigris Sparassidae 258, f. 13E (Df; subadult per Jäger, 2002b: 58) [] Spariolenus petricola
Sphingius barkudensis Liocranidae 271, f. 19G-H (Dmf) Sphingius barkudensis
Sphingius bilineatus Liocranidae 272, f. 19J-K (f, Dm) Sphingius bilineatus
Sphingius caniceps Liocranidae 271, f. 19E-F (Dm, f; misidentified per Sankaran, Caleb & Sebastian, 2020f: 15) Sphingius caniceps
Sphingius nilgiriensis Liocranidae 271, f. 19C (Dm) Sphingius nilgiriensis
Thelcticopis canescens Sparassidae 245, f. 7A-C (mf, doubtful S of Thelcticopis birmanica, accepted by Roewer, 1955c: 686) Thelcticopis canescens
Thelcticopis modesta Sparassidae 246, f. 7D (f) Thelcticopis modesta
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