Included taxa

Blackwall, J. (1844). Descriptions of some newly discovered species of Araneida. Annals and Magazine of Natural History 13: 179-188. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Agyneta rurestris Linyphiidae 182 (Dmf) Neriene flavipes
Agyneta saxatilis Linyphiidae 183 (Dm) Neriene saxatilis
Eratigena saeva Agelenidae 179 (Dmf) Tegenaria saeva
Neriene avida Linyphiidae 185 (Dmf) Neriene avida
Neriene sulcata Linyphiidae 184 (Dm) Neriene sulcata
Neriene timida Linyphiidae 183 (Dmf) Neriene timida
Zygiella x-notata Araneidae 186 (Dmf) Epeira similis
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