Included taxa

Gertsch, W. J. (1934a). Notes on American Lycosidae. American Museum Novitates 693: 1-25. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Allocosa apora Lycosidae 8 (Dmf) Arctosa apora
Allocosa chamberlini Lycosidae 10 (Dm) Arctosa chamberlini
Allocosa floridiana Lycosidae 11 Arctosa floridiana
Allocosa mokiensis Lycosidae 8 (Dm) Allocosa mokiensis
Allocosa mulaiki Lycosidae 10 (Dmf) Arctosa mulaiki
Allocosa noctuabunda Lycosidae 7 (T from Trochosa, S of Allocosa degesta and A. pylora; the latter rejected by Dondale & Redner, 1983b: 942) Allocosa noctuabunda
Allocosa sublata Lycosidae 7 Arctosa sublata
Alopecosa kochi Lycosidae 15 (S of Pardosa heretica) Tarentula kochi
Alopecosa pictilis Lycosidae 15 Tarentula pictilis
Arctosa emertoni Lycosidae 5 (Dmf) Arctosa emertoni
Arctosa raptor Lycosidae 5 Arctosa quinaria
Arctosa virgo Lycosidae 7 Arctosa virgo
Pardosa concinna Lycosidae 18 (removed from S of Pardosa modica, rejecting Banks, 1910: 59, S of Pardosa muscicola) Pardosa concinna
Pardosa distincta Lycosidae 23 Pardosa distincta
Pardosa glacialis Lycosidae 18 (removed from S of Pardosa modica, rejecting Banks, 1910: 59) Pardosa glacialis
Pardosa hamifera Lycosidae 20 (Dmf) Pardosa delicata
Pardosa lapidicina Lycosidae 19 Pardosa lapidicina
Pardosa montgomeryi Lycosidae 24 (Df) Pardosa montgomeryi
Pardosa mulaiki Lycosidae 22 (Dm) Pardosa mulaiki
Pardosa palustris Lycosidae 16 (Df) Pardosa andersoni
Pardosa petrunkevitchi Lycosidae 21 (Dm) Pardosa petrunkevitchi
Pardosa wyuta Lycosidae 17 (replacement name for P. atra, thought preoccupied by Lycosa atra Giebel) Pardosa wyuta
Piratula gigantea Lycosidae 12 (Df) Pirata gigantea
Thanatus coloradensis Philodromidae 1 (S of Thanatus alpinus) Thanatus coloradensis
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