Included taxa

Saitō, S. (1934a). A supplementary note on spiders from southern Saghalin, with descriptions of three new species. Transactions of the Sapporo Natural History Society 13: 326-340. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Araneus nordmanni Araneidae 333, f. 7 (f) Araneus nordmanni
Cheiracanthium lascivum Cheiracanthiidae 329, f. 4 (m) Cheiracanthium lascivum
Clubiona caerulescens Clubionidae 328, f. 2 (m) Clubiona caerulescens
Clubiona lutescens Clubionidae 328, f. 3 (m) Clubiona lutescens
Neottiura bimaculata Theridiidae 330, f. 5 (Dm) Theridion nivalium
Plebs sachalinensis Araneidae 332, f. 6 (Df) Argiope sachalinensis
Tetragnatha squamata Tetragnathidae 338, f. 9 (mf) Tetragnatha squamata
Tibellus japonicus Philodromidae 327, f. 1 (f, misidentified) Tibellus tenellus
No genus found for this reference