Included taxa

Bishop, S. C. & Crosby, C. R. (1935a). A new genus and two new species of Dictynidae (Araneae). Proceedings of the Biological Society of Washington 48: 45-48. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Cybaeopsis armipotens Amaurobiidae 45 Callioplus armipotens
Cybaeopsis euopla Amaurobiidae 45, f. 1-3 (Dmf) Callioplus euoplus
Cybaeopsis hoplites Amaurobiidae 45 Callioplus hoplites
Cybaeopsis hoplomachus Amaurobiidae 45 Callioplus hoplomachus
Cybaeopsis pantopla Amaurobiidae 46, f. 4-6 (Dmf) Callioplus pantoplus
Genus Family Page
Callioplus Bishop & Crosby, 1935 Amaurobiidae 45